Rezenet's Story: Intersectional Stories” video


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TEXT: Rezenet Moges-Riedel – Intersectional Stories  

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Rezenet sits in a small office near a computer desk and some vertical blinds. She uses sign language.


There are not enough documented stories that explain the diverse range of deaf experiences. Intersectionality will shed light on, and bring understanding to, various experiences. The fact that we generalize everything is a problem. In generalizing, we focus on the majority, and neglect the variety of bodies and human experiences, which is why it is important that teachers are aware of the diversity of their students, whether hearing or deaf. Currently, as a faculty member, I have many students who are letting me know about their disabilities and needs. I admit that I always thought of disabilities as easily identifiable, but I was mistaken. Students will let me know what their needs are. When I share my story, they end up approaching me to let me know their own story. A connection is made, and I am touched by their willingness to be open with me. My story allows for them to be vulnerable and begin to reflect on how their experiences, or the experiences of their parents, are similar to mine. When they share while in class, the other students take notice and are deeply impacted, as those comments validate what I've already shared about my own experiences. In the future, when they go out into their respective fields, no matter the job they choose to do, since I teach deaf culture, I know they will not all choose to work in the Deaf community, so wherever they go, they will be more mindful of different experiences, such as persons of color, deaf, queer, and disabled. They can begin to be more flexible toward those people, and broaden their viewpoint. There is so much they do not know. So many stories that have not been told. They can become more mindful of that.


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