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*  IMPORTANT - Please see message on News Page about Corona Virus and its possible impact on our League   - also the All England Bar Billiards Association’s missive HERE

Remaining County and National events for 2020 for the Billingshurst Diary  

July 05 - Kent Classic Open (Six-in-one Club, Tonbridge) P’PD - hopefully holding on Oct  25th

July 25 - Sussex Off-the-Spot Singles (Burgess Hill Con Club) P’PD - hopefully holding on Sep 19th or Oct 3rd

July 26 - BIOC Ladies Champs (hosted by Sussex) (B/ H Con Club) P’PD - hopefully holding on Sep 20th or Oct 4th

July 26 - Sussex Mixed Doubles (Burgess Hill Constitutional Club) P’PD - hopefully holding on Sep 20th or Oct 4th

August 09 - Buckinghamshire Open (Totteridge Community Centre, High Wycombe )

September 05 - Redhill Triples OR Surrey One Day Inter League (Salfords Club, Horley)

September 06 - AEBBA Alternative Rules (Triangles) (hosted by Surrey) (Salfords Club, Horley) Cancelled for 2020

September 06 - Revised date allocated for SURREY OPEN (Salfords Club, Horley)

September 13 – AEBBA Annual General Meeting (venue TBA)

September 20 - AEBBA County Championships (Div.1) (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe) Cancelled for 2020

September 20 - AEBBA County Championships (Div.2) (The Barn, Didcot) Cancelled for 2020

September 19/20 - Revised dates allocated for Sussex events (T.B.C.)

September 26 - 3rd National “4 x 4” 4-Pin Team Knockout (staged by Suffolk BB Assoc.) (White Horse, Sudbury)

September 26 – Revised date allocated for Sussex Masters and Sussex U-30s (T.B.C)

September 27 - Revised date allocated for SUSSEX OPEN (T.B.C.)

October 03/04 - Revised dates allocated for Sussex events (T.B.C.)

October 11 - AEBBA National Team Championships; AEBBA Special Ladies Open; AEBBA Mixed Pairs (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe) All Cancelled for 2020

October 11 - All-England Individual and Ladies Championship (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe)

October 17/18 - Revised date for AEBBA Challenger (Novices) Championship (York) (To be confirmed)

October 25 - AEBBA Over 50's, Under 30’s (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe) both Cancelled for 2020

October 25 - Revised date allocated for KENT CLASSIC (T.B.C.)

November 06/07 - World Championships (Doubles) (Merton Hotel, St Helier, Jersey)

November 07/08 - World Championships (Singles) (Merton Hotel, St Helier, Jersey)

November 21 - Revised date for AEBBA Alternative Rules (4-Pin) (The Cock, Northampton)

November 22 - AEBBA Over 60's (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe) Cancelled for 2020

November 22 - Revised date for Northamptonshire Open (The Cock, Northampton)

December 06 – AEBBA Grand Prix Masters, AEBBA Ladies Grand Prix (Totteridge CC, High Wycombe)