Armadillo Cohousing

Decision Log 

As of 1/18/18

Monthly Social Gathering - conduct doodle poll to see which option to pick, try it out for 6 months, and see what happens. All cards green.

Process Flow Chart and Reference documents were adopted as a living document. Approved.

As of 12-3-17:

Hold off on changing membership fees until at least February - all green

Form an ad hoc committee for Houston GIB to do our own workshop - all green

Form a Process committee, and select a facilitator. Have those people work with GIB committee. - all green

As of 11-16-17

Membership Agreement (except sentences in red)- all green

Finance adjustment for existing members who started before we had worked out when to start monthly payments. Monthly payments start the month after a member joins. - all okay with it

Decision Making Process - all green

As of 11-05-17

Adopted the current membership requirements document as-is with the understanding that it can be changed by a future vote. We’re “taking it for a spin.” - All green decision

Crucial Conversations - reduce to one chapter per month; we all need to commit to reading/listening/absorbing the chapter and come prepared to discuss. - All green decision

Howie’s FAQ summary - add our initialed comments if we don’t agree or think phrasing needs to be changed - All green decision

As of 10-01-17:

Read Chapters 27 & 28 of Creating Cohousing for the second Oct meeting - 6 green cards, 1 yellow one

As of 8-6-17:

Conflict Resolution Training (Amended to try it on for 1 meeting) - adopted all green

Meeting Times - 3rd Thursday 6:30 - 9 - all green, 1st Sunday 3 - 5:30 meeting, potluck from 5:30 to whenever - all green

Creating an Agenda - all green

Combined Meeting Guidelines - all green

Evaluations/Meeting Closing - at the end of meetings we’ll take agenda items for the next meeting and then close with appreciations in which people hold up yellow card if they want to talk and no one is required to speak. - all green (still working on closing ceremony)

As of 7-16-17:

Voted to move meetings to first Sunday with alternating 2:00-5:00 and 6:00 - 9:00 and 3rd Thursday at 6:30.  (All green cards - five voting members + three guests)

Voted to have Karen set up a more formal meeting for how to integrate with Boomers. She will set up meeting and announce timing to group.

Voted that by the end of July each committee meeting will set up a meeting date to happen before end of August:

Howie will set date of next Steering Committee meeting.

Celeste will set next Marketing/Membership meeting.

Zane will set up Planning/Design meeting.

Dale will set ad-hoc Vision and Principles meeting.

As of 6-13-17:

Voted to accept the membership step-by-step process.

Voted to let Celeste use $3/month for Google Drive integration with Freedcamp.

Voted to accept document for meeting roles.

As of 5-09-17:

Consensus procedure

Three-Color Card System

Green: A group member can use a green card during discussion to request a speaking slot.

Yellow: In the discussion phase, the yellow card is used to indicate the holder’s ability to clarify a point being discussed or answer a question being posed.

Red: During discussion, a red card is used to indicate a point of process or a breach of the agreed-upon procedures. These include identifying off-topic discussions, speakers going over allowed time limits, or other breaks in the process.

Green:  During a call for consensus, the green card indicates consent.

Yellow: Yellow is used during a call for consensus to register a stand-aside to the proposal or to formally state any reservations.

Red: During a call for consensus, the red card indicates the member’s opposition (usually a “principled objection”) to the proposal at hand. When a member or members use a red card, it becomes their responsibility to work with the proposing committee to come up with a solution that everyone can support.

As of 3-28-17:

PO box for the next six months. Dale will bring up alternative if desired prior to re-up.

As of 3-14-17:

We accept Rich MacMath’s offer to guide us through Business Programming/Problem Seeking exercises to preplan for our community before we get a site.

We authorize Karen M for Armadillo Cohousing to join as an annual member of the Austin Cooperative Business Association.

As of 2-09-17: We will be presenting somewhere on April 29th for National Cohousing Day.

As of 11-08-16: We are now Armadillo Cohousing, or Dillo Coho for short.

As of 10-25-16:

$10 a month is fine. We’ll increase membership buy-in amount by $50 each January and July. The first increase will be July 1, 2017, to $150, with continuing $10 monthly dues.

Membership proposal has been adopted with edits for language forthcoming by Howie.

It’s okay to put Austin in our name because we’re committed to being in the Greater Austin area even if we aren’t within the city limits.

As of 09-25-16:

We’re very interested in operating as a consensus-based organization, and we are interested in learning more and being trained.

Our membership fees starting Oct 1st will be $100 for the initial joining, and monthly dues will be $10. Every six months, the initial fee will increase by 6x the monthly fee for the previous six months.

Howie will be the de facto facilitator, Karen will be the treasurer, and Jennifer serves as secretary.

Board of Directors: Celeste, Howie, Zane

Zane will look into requirements to file as an LLC.

Facebook will be for marketing and communicating with the public, but the main communication will be through the Armadillo Cohousing WordPress site.