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2021 - Offerings - Speak Your Truth
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2021 Offerings

SPEAK - Practice Speaking 

You bring me Your Message, I’ll Have You Be Better.

Monthly Membership

  • Weekly One-On-One Coaching in a Group Setting  
  • You speak for three (3) minutes and receive two (2) minutes of inspired coaching from me, Susan Kerby.  
  • Learn from listening in on the feedback to everyone’s coaching session.
  • We will be on the call until everyone on the call has had their five (5) minutes of StageTime in the SpotLight.
  • This will be a weekly Zoom Call.
  • Weekly Group Coaching calls will be Wednesday mornings at 9:30 am Pacific.

  • Private Facebook Group

            “StageTime SpotLight ” Community, Private Facebook Group

  • Post Video of Your Talk and get feedback on your delivery
  • Post Specific Questions about your content
  • Start each question with: What I am offering from this talk is….
  • Then ask Specific Questions about your content i.e.
  • Here are three quotes, what do you recommend?
  • I’m testing out 3 core messages, which makes you say I want that?
  • I have 10 minutes to speak, which 3 of these 6 secrets will be best to share in the time I have allowed?
  • Receive compassionately honest support from myself and other community members.

SPEAK Tuition for initial three (3) months membership 
       After the first three (3) months, membership is $97 per month.

After the first three (3) months of membership, you can cancel any time.


$ 247

Click here for SPEAK membership: Full Pay for first 3 months $247

TRUTH - Discover Your Soul’s Message 


Six (6) Month Program

  • Heart Virtues Virtual Retreat

           One (1) Virtual Video Group Retreat Day

  • Discover the secret to speaking your truth and being your most powerful, soulful, genuine self on stage and in every conversation.
  • Identify 3 magic words, unique to you, that have you heard for who you are.
  • Experience the power of your authentic presence and attract opportunities with confidence.
  • Jan 2022, Date (TBD) will “doodle” a calendar date that’s good for most participants.
  • Live Video Group Coaching Sessions

           Five (5) Virtual Group Coaching Sessions 

  • Speak from the truth of your heart’s virtues when asked, “What do you do?” so that you attract the right clients and opportunities every time.
  • Identify your inspired core message that has your ideal audience sitting up and whispering, “I want that.”
  • Craft a compelling personal journey story that strengthens your credibility as an expert and their desire to want what you have to share;
  • Choose your powerful offering and opening to captivate your audience every time.
  • Day / Time TBD.
  • Human Design - your design for success and best decision
  • One (1) hour personal reading with Shannon King.
  • Hand Analysis - life purpose and gifts
  • One (1) hour personal reading with Pamelah Landers.
  • Essence Element Typing - dress to be seen for your power and grace
  • One (1) hour personal Element Typing with Patsy Sanders.
  • The TRUTH Program begins in January 2022 and runs through June 2022


SPEAK - StageTime SpotLight Program - Nine (9) months

Full Pay 
          Or $1,497 Deposit with 5 monthly payments of $497

(total is $3,982 on Payment Plan)  

$ 3,497

Click here to Pay in Full: FULL PAY

Click here for Payment Plan: PAYMENT PLAN

SHINE - Training for Divinely Inspired Messengers    

You be the Messenger and I’ll have you be good.


Nine (9) Month Program                                                                                        

  • Polish Your Message - Two (2) Day Personal Individual VIP days
    What You Are Saying
  • Craft your memorable Soul Signature talk with Susan’s divinely inspired guidance.
  • Design your talk with authenticity in Susan’s step-by-step manner that creates compelling talks that consistently have audiences saying to themselves, “I want that!”

          VIP Treatment

  • Two (2) nights of accommodations included at Susan’s 5,500 square foot resort-like home in Carefree, Arizona, with infinity pool, jetted tubs, and an outdoor living room complete with misters and heaters to accommodate any temperature sunrise to sunset.
  • Dine on healthy, delicious meals prepared with love to honor your food sensitivities and preferences.
  • Feel the presence of the divine in views of desert, mountains, and sky.
  • Be treated like the Very Important Person you are and experience the enchanted play that comes with being included in Susan’s world.

  • Take Your Stage - Three (3) Day In-Person Boutique Speaker Immersion
  • Six (6) maximum participants - Three (3) minimum participants.
  • Date tentatively set for May 2022.

Who you are being

  • Speak the message from your soul (that your entire life has been preparing to deliver), so your people will find you and hire you.
  • Master your delivery as you remember what to say and how to say it with ease – and without sounding scripted.
  • Develop your ability to own your stage with clarity and confidence.

          Setting the Stage

  • Step up on Susan’s Private Stage, complete with teal-velvet curtains, lights, and microphones (both head-worn and hand-held), so you can be comfortable taking any future stage.
  • Discover your Element and be dressed in outfits to have you shine on stage. (Element Typing and Shopping excursion included, please allow for a budget for shopping at our favorite resale shops in Phoenix.)
  • Four (4) Nights of VIP accommodations and meals prepared to honor your food sensitivities are provided (as described above.)
  • Embrace Your Essence & Evolve Your Style - shine in your element
  • Nine (9) months  with Patsy Sanders as your personal shopper.
  • Human Design - Understand your Gates how you best SHINE
  • In depth reading with Shannon King.
  • Hand Analysis - Following the Master path vs the Student Path
  • In depth reading with Pamelah Landers.


SPEAK - StageTime SpotLight Program - Nine (9) months

TRUTH - Find Your Truth Program - Six (6) months


Full Pay 
Or $2,497 Deposit with 9 monthly payments of $1,497

(total is $15,970 on Payment Plan)


Click here to Pay in Full: FULL PAY

Click here for Payment Plan: PAYMENT PLAN