MGA Rainout Policy

  1. Tournament Day:  Every effort will be made to complete each tournament. If in doubt about the weather the day of an event, check the HSV POA website golf course conditions page or call the Pro Shop an hour prior to your tee time for status.

  1. Delays:  Rain is not necessarily a reason to cancel play.  Players are encouraged to continue play during periods of light rain or intermittent showers.  Delaying on the course for short times is permitted.  If longer delays are anticipated, or if there is lightning, mark your ball location and return to the club house for a determination by each Group Tournament Director whether play will continue or not.

  1. Continue Play: If play is continued by the Group Tournament Director, players must complete their entire round to be eligible for prize money.

  1. Discontinue Play: The Group TD will decide as to when play for his group is to be suspended or cancelled, regardless of what other groups have done. Be sure to notify participants if the event is suspended or canceled. For an event to be official, 80% of group players must complete at least 9 holes. If 80% of players complete 18 holes, the event will be considered complete and results will be from those that played 18 holes. If less than 80% complete 18 holes, results will be based on the first 9 holes only. At no time does the MGA want players to take any unreasonable risk. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each player to decide when conditions are not safe.