Technology Protection Plan

Please read this entire document to determine if this program is needed for your student’s protection against damage of the district-owned Chromebook in his/her care. This form must be completed and marked YES or NO before the device will be provided to the student.

Coverage and Benefit:

This agreement covers the Chromebook lent to the student against incidental damage. Accessories (i.e. charger and case) are NOT covered and are the sole responsibility of the student. Coverage is 24 hours per day. NEGLECT OR INTENTIONAL DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED. Additional details may be found in the Chromebook handbook.

Effective and Expiration:

This annual coverage is effective from the date this required form and payment are received by the school up to the start of the following school year, or through the date on which the device is required to be returned in good order to the school.


The total premium cost for the 2018–2019 school year will be $35.


This optional fee can be paid through our online fee payment system, similar to instructional fees or can be paid by check or cash at schedule pick up. If you opt out of this program the fee will be removed from your online payment system.

It is agreed and understood that:



Parent/Guardian Signature

(to be electronically collect in Infinite Campus portal)