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Board Of Trustees Meeting 5/13/20
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

5:30 P.M. Joslin Memorial Library

Date: May 13, 2020

Present: Jean Joslin, Trish Read, Jason Butler, David Babic , Sally Reisner,

Carol Hosford, Anna Church

Additions and Deletions: None

The meeting opened at 5:34.

Approve Draft Minutes: March 11, March 16, May 5

Trish moved to accept. Jean seconded. All in favor.

President’s Report:

Greenup will be on the 30 th of May. Jean proposed that we get together

to help clean. Perhaps we could also do some planting?

Financial Report:

David reviewed our balance sheet and profit and loss budget vs. actual


He also went through our portfolio analysis. Our accounts have held up

reasonably well considering the financial crisis.

Children’s Librarian’s Report:

Anna has created a number of videos during the library’s closing.

Parents who have been attending the Monday story hours, new participants,

and people from outside the Valley have enjoyed her offerings. Our You Tube

channel has received over 2300 hits since March.

The Valley librarians have also created popular virtual trivia nights

(Harry Potter, Star Wars….). Thirty-three families registered, for a total of

about 60-70 participants. These have been so popular that the librarians hope

to continue them when the library reopens.

Librarian’s Report:

Circulation numbers in March, prior to the library closing, were 1463,

more than double the numbers for March a year ago.

After a hiatus, the library once again offered curbside services

beginning May 11 th . The day was very busy, with more orders than the

librarians could fill.

Jason is assessing the need for volunteers. Many have expressed a

desire to return to work.

We now have a subscription to “Kanopy,” a movie -streaming site that

patrons can access with their Library accounts.

Our website has received over 1300 site visits during the last 90 days, a

25% increase from the previous 90 days.

All the activity during the Covid-19 period has given proof of the

integral importance of the library to the community. The public has been very

appreciative about the services that have been provided.

New Business :

Opening of curbside services – see librarian’s report.

Motion to close:

At 6:45 Trish moved to close the meeting. Sally seconded. All


The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on July 8, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hosford, Secretary