Infinity Community
Rules of Chat

Welcome to your new homechat, Infinity

We are so happy to have you!

Our clan-chat is welcome to anyone.

We don't want to be abrupt in your game-play so,

we only ask that you please follow these general,

basic, moral rules of respect. 


It is NOT okay to ask other clan

members to report other players.

It is NOT okay to advert for

other clan-chats in our chat.

Political discussion can only be tolerated
When both parties are civil.


It is NOT okay to scam or lure anyone

in or out of our clan(even if just for fun)!

It is NOT okay to say ANY racial slurs in the cc


Encouragement of staking, SPAMMING wins
and loses should be left OUT of clanchat. If you are
consistently caught encouraging staking,
you will be removed and terminated from clan.
However, we don’t care if you stake. :)

General RULES:

• 1. 

Follow all of Jagex's placed rules of Runescape.

• 2.

Respect one another, both IN AND OUT of the clan.

• 3. 

No stake encouragement / No Spamming,
Luring or Begging / No Impersonations

• 4.

Crashing is BANNABLE.

• 5.

Do not ask members to report other players.

• 6. 

Do not retaliate with hostile attitude.

• 7.

Do not multi-clan. Joining FFA cc's for leisure
can be considered acceptable.

• 8.

Do not advertise other clans in our chat &
do not advertise our clan in other chats.

• 9. 

Do not intentionally PK members.

• 10. 

No vile behavior/discussions. Light banter can be acceptable

but, do not offend others or act out immaturely.

Detailed clan rules:

Rule #1: No personal attacks or harassment;

No attacks against someone's race, religion,

politics, sex, sexual orientation, ect. No acts of harassment

of a violent or sexual nature.

Rule #2: No Begging:

As a community clan we like to help the best

we can but, asking gets persistent. This persistence is what

we want to avoid. Do not consistently beg in our chat for items/coins.

* We all started with bronze items.

Rule #3: Don't monopolize the conversation;

Encourage players with their success & within a conversation.

The chat is for everybody, it's not just about you. So please, don't embrace

                            your delusion of being better than anyone else. We are EQUAL.

Rule #4: Be community-minded;

Express yourself in ways that are constructive

&& will help foster the good of the community. Our ranks

have absolutely NO toleration of Runescape's reportable

                                                        rule #14. Disruptive Behavior

Rule #5: No impersonations;

Creating fake accounts to impersonate a member of the clan,


                                              permanent ban and IP ban from forums. 

Rules #6: No spamming;

No randomized, continuous characters/SONG LYRICS

No continuously spamming, if no one is talking then

we are all busy. Do not flood our chat. 

*This includes aqps and symbol spamming.
*Song lyrics can be tolerated if it does not violate this rule or
Our vileness/disruptive/gross behaviour rules.


If you are taken offence verbally from

anyone in our chat please, ADD THEM TO YOUR IGNORE.

As, retaliation is not tolerated. This particular rule includes;

Name calling, responding with hostility, spamming, causing

an uproar in chat & provoking negative conversations.

This rule is applied to both, In and out of chat.

Rule #8: General Respect, have it!

NEVER call another player a hurtful or disrespectful name.

Do not discourage players in their achievements; in game & IRL.

Respect our rules, our wonderful members and the work

our ranks put in for helping us shape a better community.

This includes ANY rank or member.

Everything else;

Anything not mentioned in one of the rules above but,

is still generally considered violent behavior, is not allowed.

Our ranks are a pretty tolerant bunch but,

if something catches their eye, you know you're in trouble.

We would also like to remind you,

if anyone is breaking these rules of the chat,

please add them to your ignore list.

As, retaliation is not tolerated. :)