Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy

P.A.A.W. – tastic

Positive  Academic Achiever  Winners


Campus Routines and Procedures

2019 – 2020


Director:  Mrs. Tonya D. Bethly

Assistant Campus Director: Tonya Folse

Parents, Friends, Students and the Mainland Community!!!

        The faculty and Staff of Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy want to welcome you to our school for another exciting school year. We know that a strong positive partnership between the home and school is vital to ensuring all of our students become ready for college and careers. Our staff focus is increasing student academic achievement in a safe, caring, and positive school culture, to prepare all children for college and careers.

        Parents, as partners and important members of our school and educational team, your role is to assist in supplying the basic educational and social skills that will allow all children to be proficient, on grade level and be ready for the next grade level.  By doing this preparation now, your student will be prepared to go to college and have a career when they are adults.  By-laws established by the State of Texas, the Teacher’s Bill of Rights acknowledges the right for teaching and learning for all children, at all times, at Mainland Preparatory and every school in Texas!  We are very firm with students to adequately prepare them for the rigorous State Standards which will prepare them for college and careers. To ensure this, this Parent/Guardian - Student handbook provides you with the policies, procedures and expectations of all Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy students.


Here at Mainland we believe that parents/guardians are responsible for teaching appropriate behaviors, basic academic foundational skills for learning, and appropriate social skills, getting your child to school on time and remaining until the school day ends, and providing them with the necessary mental and physical health, and nutrition wellness that allows them to be great students and citizens. The faculty and staff are responsible in teaching your children the maximum content knowledge of all core subjects.  We are committed to high expectations and will continue to provide the support and strategies needed for all children to succeed.  However, we cannot afford to have children disrupt or interrupt teaching and learning at any time!

As we are making you an integral part of our “PAAW”– tastic T.E.A.M.,  we invite parents, community stakeholders and volunteers to visit and help make school decisions. With your assistance, support and guidance, we will produce students that can maintain academic success and achievement, as well as compete with the top performing schools in the state of Texas.

Remember this, school has always had the same focus, teaching and learning to the maximum for both teachers and student, without inappropriate disruptions and interruptions. We required parents/guardians to be our partners in making sure that all children are receiving a “free and appropriate education (FAPE) as required by law!

Tonya Bethly, Campus Director   r  


Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy in partnership with parents and the community will develop lifelong learners through an orderly, and safe, challenging, empowering and supportive environment.



  1. The school can foster successful students through teacher collaboration and teamwork.
  2. The school will provide adequate resources to insure student success.
  3. The school will offer a positive environment to enhance creativity.


  1. We believe that All students can learn.
  2. We believe All students can be successful in life.
  3. We believe success is achieved in a variety of ways.


  1. Our school has many activities, rewards, and opportunities for success.  
  2. Our school has wonderful, encouraging teachers and staff who use multiple strategies to make sure we learn.
  3. We can learn everything and be successful in the future because learning is fun, innovative, meaningful and productive.  


We are the “PAAW”-tastic Panthers

Positive ~ Academic Achiever ~ Winners

Mainland Preparatory School Pledge:

Q:        Who are we?

A:        We are the “PAAW”tastic Panthers!

Q:         What does “PAAW”tastic mean?

A:        We are Positive, Academic, Achievers, Winners!

Q:         What sound does a “PAAW”tastic Panther make?  

A:         It ROARS!

Q:        What does ROARS mean?

A:        We are Responsible, Obedient, Attentive, Respectful, and Safe!

Q:         How can we be safe?

A:        We promise to do our duty at Mainland Prep.

        To obey all school and class rules.

        We will respect the school property and the property of others.

        We will respect the rights of others at all time.

        We will raise our hands and wait to be called on.

        We will keep our hands, feet, and all objects to ourselves.

We will come to school prepared everyday with our homework and school supplies.

        We will always do our best.

        We will succeed because success is our only option.

        We promise.

Q:         You What?

A:        We promise!

C:         Hi five your neighbor.

This Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy Handbook is a supplement of the ResponsiveEd Parent-Student Handbook.  All Parents/Students must read and sign an acknowledgement for both the ResponsiveEd Parent/Student Handbook and the supplement from Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy.

Table of Contents

 Content        Page        

  1. Mission and Vision        3
  2. Hours of Operation        4
  3. Tardy Policy        4
  4. Calendar Dates/Event        5
  5. Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures        6
  6. Uniform Policy        6
  7. Uniform Agreement        6
  8. Absence        6
  9. Breakfast, Snack Time, Lunch and Birthday Celebrations        7
  10. Visitor Policy        8
  11. Volunteer Opportunities        8
  12. Inclement Weather        8
  13. Parent Contact Information        9
  14. Social Media        9
  15. Tutorials and Super Saturday        9
  16. JupiterEd, Progress Reports and Report Cards        9
  17. Behavior Management System        10
  18. Entrance/Exit Procedures        13-14




ResponsiveEd Mission:

To provide hope for students through an innovative, character-based, personalized learning environment where they are academically successful and develop into lifelong learners.

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy Mission:  

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy is committed to providing quality education with an emphasis on Character Development and College Readiness.

Vision/School Culture:  

MPCA employees, students and parents are a group of virtuous, compassionate, servant leaders who nurture students into life-long learners with strong values of truth, beauty, goodness and high expectations of academic achievement for each student.

“Thought breeds thought; children familiar with great thoughts take as naturally to thinking for themselves as the well-nourished body takes to growing; and we must bear in mind that growth, physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, is the sole end of education.”

Hours of Operation:

7:15 AM         Main School Building doors open. Students can be dropped off

at the school. Students will go to the dining room area for breakfast then report directly to their assigned classroom.


7:35 AM       Bell rings for all students to be dismissed from breakfast to homerooms

8:00 AM         Classes begin

8:15 AM         Tardy bell rings

2:00 PM         If changes for day-care/parent pick-up are needed the request must be submitted in writing to the office in the morning by 9:30 am. The deadline to

notify office of transportation changes is 2:00 PM and again must be in writing.  All changes must be done   in writing, not by phone.  You may fax in the request.

2:30 PM         Deadline for student check outs is 2:30pm.  We will not release any students after 2:30pm. Please schedule all appointments after school or earlier in the day.

3:00 PM        Dismissal begins for students in Pre-K and Kindergarten that do not have siblings here at Mainland.        3:00-3:20 is the dismissal time. Do not arrive before your appointed time.

3:20 PM         Dismissal begins for students in 1st grade and 2nd grade that do not have siblings here at Mainland. 3:20-3:45 is the dismissal time. Do not arrive before your appointed time.

3:45 PM        Dismissal begins for all students at Mainland.  Do not arrive before your appointed time.

4:15 PM        All students must be off the campus. Supervision of students by staff ends.

Tardy Policy:

Children arriving at 8:15 AM or later are considered tardy. A tardy is unexcused, except with a written doctor's note. This includes any unforeseen circumstance. Please plan accordingly. Tardy students need to be escorted into the main building office by parent/guardian to sign the proper form and receive a tardy slip. Excessive tardiness to school can result in lower academic grades. Participation is a very important part of their grade and when students are tardy or leave early they miss valuable instruction time.  Please refer to the ResponsiveEd Parent/Student Handbook.

2019 – 2020 Calendar Dates/Events

First Day of School:

August 19th

Labor Day Holiday:

September 2nd

Grandparents’ Day Program:

September 6th

Professional Development Day/Student Holiday:

October 7th

Staff & Student Holiday:

October 14th

Thanksgiving Break:

November 25th – 29th

Winter Break:

December 23rd  – January 7th

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

January 20th 

Professional Development Day/Student Holiday:

February 17th

Spring Break:

March 9th -13th

Good Friday Holiday:

April 10th

Memorial Day:

May 25th

Early Dismissal at 12:00 PM:

May 26th

Early Dismissal at 12:00 PM/

Last Day of School:

May 28th 


April 7th – 9th

May 4th -8th

May 11th -15th

Additional changes to the calendar will be sent home throughout the year.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure:

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy does not offer bus transportation to/from school.

Morning Drop - Off Procedure:

School doors open at 7:15 AM to begin the morning drop-off.  All traffic must enter from Highway 1765 (Texas Ave) onto Newman Road.  Traffic is not to enter the parking lot from the feeder road. Enter in the second driveway and proceed to drop off students.  Please observe the 20 mph speed limit on Newman Road and in the school’s parking lot.   DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE:  It is illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving in the school’s parking lot.  Do not allow students to exit their vehicles before 7:15 AM.  You may arrive on campus before 7:15, but students may not exit the vehicles and form a line under the breezeway.

Once you have dropped off the students, you will exit the parking lot (to the right) back onto Newman Road.  You cannot turn left.  All traffic must exit back onto Newman Road.  

Afternoon Pick – Up  Procedure:

Dismissal begins for students in Pre-K and Kindergarten that do not have siblings here at Mainland. 3:00-3:20 is the dismissal time. Do not arrive before your appointed time.  Enter in the second driveway and get into the lane closest to the school building after entering the curve.  Next stop at the cones and give duty teacher the name of your student.  Then proceed in the line to building 2 and pick up your students.  Do not exit the vehicle.  A teacher will open the vehicle door and place the student inside of the vehicle. Once you have your student in the vehicle, you will exit the parking lot (to the right) back onto Newman Road.  You cannot turn left.  All traffic must exit back onto Newman Road.  

Dismissal begins for students in 1st grade and 2nd grade that do not have siblings here at Mainland. 3:20-3:45 is the dismissal time. Do not arrive before your appointed time.  Please follow the directives above. 

Dismissal begins for all students at Mainland at 3:45PM.  Do not arrive before your appointed time.  During this time, vehicle picking up only one student should enter the lane closest to the building and vehicles picking up 2 or more students should enter the outside lane.  

.Before/After School Daycare:

There are many daycares in the area that may be able to pick-up and drop-off the students.  You may pick up a list of daycares from the office at any time.

Dress Code:

Uniform Policy:

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy has a standard uniform agreement.  Students must wear MPA uniforms for 2019-2020 after September 3, 2019. A detailed Uniform Policy and agreement was signed upon enrollment and is also included with these materials.  In addition it is the expectation of Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy that all students must wear solid black or solid brown shoes only.  Socks can only be solid black, brown, green, burgundy, kaki or white. No other colors are permissible.  If a student does not have on the correct color socks they will be asked to take them off and a guardian will be contacted to bring socks of the appropriate color.  We expect our parents to comply with the uniform agreement.  Repeated violations of the policy may result in dismissal from Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy.

Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, sweatbands, or hooded sweat shirts are not allowed except under circumstances designated by the Campus Director Responsive education handbook pg. 6 Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy does allow students to wear the Mainland uniform jacket and sweater.  In addition a student may wear a solid black, burgundy or green sweatshirt.  No hoodies allowed for any reason at any time.   If your student has on a hooded sweatshirt or has on a sweat shirt with a logo other than Mainland’s they will be asked to remove it and place it in their backpack.

Hair Grooming:

Hair is to be clean and well-groomed. Hairstyles and hair colors that are distracting to the learning environment are not allowed.  Students are not allowed to have green, blue, burgundy, etc. colors in their hair.  Responsive education handbook pg. 6

Finger Nail Grooming:

Fingernails should to be clean and well-groomed.  If you chose for your student to wear artificial nails, they must be short active length and can only be clear in color or have an America manicure look.  If you chose the American manicure the strip can only be white.  No other nail art or jewelry is allowed.


Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school.  Most subjects are taught in sequence, requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation.  Continual absenteeism creates a genuine hardship for a student and is regarded as a very serious problem.  The goal of every student at MPCA is perfect attendance: 8:00AM to 3:00 PM each school day. Students are expected to attend school each day and remain in classes until the conclusion of all planned school activities. All students will remain in classes until school is dismissed for their individual group.  For purposes of determining perfect attendance for the year and attendance prizes, the student must be present at the school for the entire day.  


All absences require a written excuse from a parent or guardian within three (3) days after the child returns to school. Excessive absences will be reported to the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance, who monitors school attendance.  Texas law states that a child will repeat his/her present grade if school absences exceed 10 days a semester, 20 days in one school year.  

Children are allowed to make up schoolwork if they are absent for any of the following reasons:

a. Personal illness

b. Serious illness in the child’s immediate family

c. Death in the child’s immediate family (not to exceed one week)

d. Recognized religious holidays of the child’s faith

e. Natural catastrophe and/ or disasters


Children must arrive at school at or AFTER 7:15 a.m. There is no supervision in the building before 7:15 a.m. Children who arrive late (after 8:15 a.m.) must be escorted to the office by the parent or guardian and cannot be dropped off in front of school. Please be mindful that students that are late (3) times within a four-week period cannot participate in PBIS/ House events.

Check In Policy

Students that arrive after 8:15 a.m., must be signed in by a parent.  Please keep in mind that each time you check in your student late, they are missing valuable instructional time.  Each time a student is checked in late and they have missed more than ¾ of the class period the check - in will become an absence.  Consistent absences from any one class will cause your students promotion to be in jeopardy due to absences.


Please keep in mind that each time you check out your student they are missing valuable instructional time.  Each time a student is checked out and they will be missing more than ¾ of the class period the check - out will become an absence.  Consistent absences from any one class will cause your students promotion to be in jeopardy due to absences.

Children must be checked-out by a parent (or other authorized persons listed on the Emergency Card) from the school office during the school hours.  For confirmation, parents/guardians and authorized persons will be asked to show a picture I.D. Parents cannot go to the classrooms to pick up students.  Students cannot be checked-out after 2:30 p.m. No individual under the age of 18 is allowed to check out a student. During school events with large numbers of parents wanting to check out students; check outs will be done at the front office by signing a check- out log.


Parents are expected to make every effort to schedule doctor/dentist appointments outside of school hours. When this is not possible, students will be excused for these special appointments with verification from the doctor/dentist. Such absences will be counted against Perfect Attendance. Please try to avoid scheduling appointments during weekly and State testing.

Use of Office Telephone:

Students will not use the telephone in the office to meet needs such as forgotten homework, lunch, etc. If a student becomes ill during school hours, the school nurse will take the necessary steps to contact parents/legal guardians.  Students are not allowed to use other phones, landlines or cellular, to call parents to ask to go home.

Vomiting/Fever/Other Illness/Doctor's Orders:

Medication (Rx or OTC):

person or property during the school day.

Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for complete medication information. Proper documentation/paperwork must be completed for a child to be given any medication during school hours by the school nurse.  Please direct your questions to the nurse.


From 7:15 AM – 7:55 AM, breakfast will be offered in the dining room. This breakfast is free to all students and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy does offer a hot nutritious lunch program. The lunch is free to all students.  The menus will be distributed and published in the monthly bulletin.  

Birthday Celebrations:

At MPCA, we celebrate student birthdays every day during our morning announcements. We welcome parents to send/bring store-bought cupcakes or cookies with a nutritional label for their child’s birthday celebrations. However, those goodies/treats may not be consumed during the lunch period in the dining room.  Parents should contact the child’s teacher in advance to make arrangements for the celebrations.  Generally, the celebrations will be held at the end of the day.

Visitor Policy:

The school welcomes and encourages visits by parents and others who desire to become informed about our school and educational programs. Acceptable reasons for such visits include having lunch with the student(s), participation in special events, scheduled conferences with staff and scheduled/assigned volunteer duties. The visit should have a legitimate purpose and not interfere with the continuity of instruction. Upon arrival at the school, the visitor must present a valid driver's license or other state or U.S. federal photo ID, sign the Visitor's Register in the school office where the office performs a background check on all visitors on the campus through our RAPTOR system. (More information regarding this may be provided upon request.)The visitor will then be given instructions as well as a Visitor's Badge and, if necessary, provided with an escort. ***Visitors who do not have a state or U.S. federal photo ID will not be allowed to enter the school***  Upon completion of the visit, the visitor shall return to the office, enter the departure time in the Visitor's Register and return the badge. Please do not interrupt instruction by engaging your student or the teacher during classroom visitations. If you want to conference with your child’s teacher, you will need to schedule a conference at the front office to be held during the teachers planning period. Classroom visitors are not allowed to stay longer than 15 minutes in the classrooms.  No small children are allowed in the classrooms during visitation. No more than two individuals can be present during a single visit.

Who Can Pick Up Your Child?

Upon enrollment or at the start of the school year, parents should complete the STUDENT TRANSPORTATION RELEASE AUTHORIZATION for their child(ren). Parents must notify (with copies of legal documentation) the front office if a person is legally restricted from contact with student(s).  For emergencies, a person not on your card but authorized to pick-up the student by the parent/guardian will be required to show proper identification in the front office.  

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are needed throughout the year for various hours on field trips or other special days. All volunteers must complete the volunteer background check each year.  Please fill out the attached handout regarding volunteering preferences and days/times of availability.  

Inclement Weather:

MPCA closely follows local district for closures and delays.  This means if the local district is closed or delayed Mainland will be closed or delayed.  A Remind and an email will be sent out if school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather. Parents/guardians should watch local television stations (KHOU, KPRC, KTRK) for announcements regarding school closures or opening delays.

Parent Contact Information:

It is extremely important that the school office has current contact information for parents/guardians. If at any time during the school year, if your contact information (telephone numbers, home or work address) changes, immediately notify the school office. If we cannot contact you or any other person associated with your child and it is after 4:00 PM, other community resources will be utilized.

Social Media:

Please review the ResponsivedEd Parent/Student Handbook for our Social Media policy.


This is a free text and/or e-mail service used by the school and by your child's teacher(s) to help you keep up with announcements, etc. A "code" and more information is available for you from the office and the classroom/teacher(s).

Electronics and Communications Policies:

Students are NOT allowed to bring a cell phone/Kindle/i-Pad to school. Students are not allowed to wear i-Phone/smart watches.  Please review the ResponsiveEd Parent/Student Handbook for specific details.


All students who do not meet expectations according to previous or current year’s STAAR, MAP testing or Benchmark scores are required to attend tutorials.  A detailed tutoring plan will be established by each teacher and grade level for the school year.  All staff members may be asked to assist with tutoring students throughout the school year.

Saturday Boot Camps at the Academy:

Students who require additional tutoring based on MAP testing/Benchmark scores or did not pass a previous year’s STAAR test are required to attend tutorials.  A letter with the specific dates and details of the tutorials will be sent home at a later date.

JupiterEd, Progress Reports and Report Cards:

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy uses an online grade book called JupiterEd.  We operate on a nine-weeks grading period. There are four grading periods and two semesters in a school year.  All 3rd - 8th grade parents/students will have online access to the student’s grades for all of their core curriculum classes. Progress reports are sent home for the first four-weeks of a grading period and report cards are distributed following the end of each grading period.


All children will receive a Promotion in Jeopardy letter, if needed for academic retention/grades every Nine Weeks.   (3) letters of notification, will be given to the parent/guardian that his/her child is in danger of failing and/or may remain in their present/same grade for the next school year.

The parents will also be notified if their child has promotion in jeopardy on the mid nine weeks progress report and the nine-week report card. Parents should schedule a conference with the teacher and Campus Director/Assistant Director to complete an SBLC to see if other services are needed to increase academic achievement or improved behavior strategies for the child to be promoted to the next grade. A copy will be placed in your child’s cum folder for documentation and archival information.

Parents will be required to come in every nine weeks for a conference and to sign a Promotion in Jeopardy Letter to acknowledge that they are aware their child may not be promoted to the next grade due to insufficient grades in Reading and Math and two other core subject areas grades K-5.


A = 90-100       B = 80-89   C = 70-79     F = 69 and below

Grading Policy

The following is the policy for grading, when graded Home Activities and in class assignments are assigned to students. The grading time line begins with the first day the activity is due.  Student’s with educational plans that require extra time as an accommodation are given extra time as shown below.

Regular and 504 students:

Day 1- highest possible grade –A     Day 2- highest possible grade –B

Day 3- highest possible grade –C     Day 4- highest possible grade –69 F

Students with extra time accommodations:

Day 5- highest possible grade –B     Day 6- highest possible grade –C

Day 7- highest possible grade –69 F  

Behavior Management System:

Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for complete rules and student expectations.

Honor                I will honor those things which are good and true.

Respect        I will show respect to others at all times.

Service        I will do good things for others, without being asked.

Work                I believe I am a learner and will work hard to prove it,

The expectation at Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy is that students will act according to specific standards:

  1. That allow learning to happen
  2. Where good citizenship and the concept of virtue is integrated into the school culture
  3. Where behavior is aligned with the school motto components of honor, respect, service, and work

The following list, though not exhaustive, outlines some basic rules and standards for students at Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy.

  1. Hallways and offices are part of the learning environment and are quiet zones. Students walking in hallways will do so in an orderly manner without talking. There will be no running anywhere in the building. Students walking to and from the restrooms or offices will exhibit the same standard. Students will not touch the walls, lean against or scuff them with the shoes.  Students will clean up after themselves to help keep their learning environment clean.

  1. Restroom facilities are part of the campus environment. If a student must go to the restroom during class, the student will ask the teacher for a pass, sign out of class, go straight to the bathroom, and sign in upon returning to the classroom. Students are not allowed to loiter in the halls/restrooms for any reason. Students are not allowed to swing on or slam stall doors. Students will clean up after themselves, washing hands after using the bathroom, and throwing paper towels in the trash containers to keep the campus environment clean.

  1. Gym areas and play areas are part of the school environment. Students may use these areas for fun and recreation; however, students remain responsible for their actions and must treat others with respect and consideration while having fun. Students will clean up after themselves to keep the school environment clean.

  1. Lunch time is part of the learning culture at Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy.  This is also a quiet zone.  Although students are not allowed to talk there will be educational videos showing during this time for their viewing. Students may speak quietly with their adult visitors during their lunch time. Students must clean up after themselves and help maintain a neat environment in the dining room.

  1. Within the classroom environment, teachers create teams/communities/families. Teachers have the authority to set their specific classroom PBIS rules beyond the Standard Class Rules. Students will be expected to abide by these rules and are expected to be engaged in the learning process at all times. Students are expected to clean up their areas before leaving the classroom.

  1. Social interaction is a vital part of the learning culture. Students will treat each other with respect at all times. Offenses such as bullying, cruelty to others, and physical/verbal threats are unacceptable behaviors that will not be tolerated. However, the expectation at Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy is that students will move beyond these actions and will earnestly seek ways to show respect and honor.  Students will demonstrate behaviors that exhibit a concern for others and pride in themselves as a positive part of the school community.

Standard Class Rules

1.        Follow directions quickly.

2.        Raise your hands for permission to speak                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      or move around the room.

3.        No eating or drinking anything in the classroom.

4.        Think before you act.

5.        Stay focused and engaged.


Consequences of Not Following Class Rules:

Consequences vary and may include verbal warnings, parent contact, denials of privileges, referral to the office, and other such disciplinary actions.  The conduct grade is separate from the academic grade and is an important reflection of a student’s character.  Disrespect will not be tolerated and will result in being sent immediately to the Campus Director/Assistant Campus Director and treated as a serious offence.

Consequences for Serious Offenses:

Students committing serious offenses will be sent directly to the administrative office for a call to parent/guardian and a written disciplinary report will be filed. Serious offenses include, but are not limited to:

and any other objects

that consists of talking back or arguing with an adult, inappropriate

tone and/or facial expressions (includes eye rolling)

School-wide Rules


Field trips are educational and an integral part of instruction. Field trips provide students with hands on activities, enhanced and enriched knowledge in core subjects, and provide experiences to teaching and learning.

Students with inappropriate behaviors, and students that exhibit behaviors that are unsafe to themselves and other students will not be allowed to go on field trips and/or be involved in school related activities for safety reasons.

Children that cannot go on field trips or attend school activities will remain at school and complete assigned tasks for his/her grade level. Parents will be notified prior to the activity or field trip/school activity if your child will not be allowed to participate by the (classroom teacher. )  If a student previously paid for a field trip and the student loses the privilege to attend due to behavior, the field trip money is non-refundable.

Technology usage at Mainland

Mainland Preparatory is a technology based school which encourages the pursuit of intellectual student growth using technology.  Therefore; students can use only school provided technology within the classroom under the direct supervision of a classroom teacher. Students are only allowed to visit teacher approved websites at any given time.  If a student misuses school technology at any time, that student will be subjected to the punishment. In addition, any student that uses home devices that connect to the school’s technology in any manner that is deemed inappropriate they will be subjected to the punishment. stated in the Electronic Telecommunications Devices paragraph above.  Any student that is found to be responsible for damaging, lose or theft of school technology will be called to meet with the school’s administration and the family of the student to determine restitution. Students with personal cell phones must keep them in the off position in their backpacks.  Cell phones that create any sounds that interfere with teaching and learning shall be taken and stored until the parent or guardian can collect it from the office. If a student is caught texting or videotaping other students the cell phone will be immediately confiscated and the student disciplined according to the Responsive Education Handbook.  Cell phone/electronic devices are not allowed on campus during the week of State Testing for any reason.  Any student caught in the act of cyber bullying will be subject to school disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by the schools administration.

Please carefully review the ResponsiveEd Parent and Student Handbook online at  

Any overt disciplinary infractions may result in suspension and could lead to expulsion from Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy.

The administrative team of Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy welcomes your comments, suggestions, and recommendations.  We realize that children are our most precious natural resources.  Likewise, parents are essential to their children’s wholesome growth and development.  Together, parents, community and school are charged with the responsibility for ensuring that our children are prepared to be productive members of the global society and lifelong learners.

“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” - Yeats

Mainland Preparatory Classical Academy STUDENT/PARENT HANDBOOK


Please complete this form and return it to Mainland front office.  


Student Name (please print) _____________________________                Grade ___________                  Date ________

Our signatures indicate that we have received, read, and understand the 2019-2020 Student/Parent Handbook which includes the following documents:

Please check your preferred method of being contacted:

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Tonya Bethly

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