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2024/3/17 Small Group Discussion Questions
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Week of 3/17/2024



Responding to Abusive Authority

1 Samuel


Authoritative abuse seems to be on the rise in our culture, or at least we’ve seen it more in the headlines. Maybe the most unsettling thing is seeing it pervasive in the American Church. In the last half of 1 Samuel we see King Saul abuse David. David’s responses to Saul’s abuse gives us great insight into how we can respond to abusive authority in our lives.

Saul throws spears, David refuses to throw them back…

Read 1 Samuel 18:10-11 and 24:4-6. 

Read 1 Samuel 24:6 and Hebrews 13:17. If your leader is a Saul, you need to be discerning while keeping a high view of spiritual authority.

Read Matthew 7:15-16, 19. If your leader is a Saul, you can confront what is wrong without needlessly harming the organization.

Read 1 Samuel 19:10. If your leader is a Saul, don’t let yourself be wrongfully victimized for the sake of loyalty.

Prayer Focus: Read Colossians 1:17-20. If your leader is a Saul, stay focused on Jesus, not those who fail Him. May this be your prayer today. That whatever situation you face, no matter how difficult, that you would keep your eyes on Jesus. And even in the midst of challenges you would grow closer to Him.