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Accessing Church Directory
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How to Access the Centerpoint Church Directory 

Below are directions on how to ensure that you are included in the Centerpoint Church directory, how to share your information, how to update your profile, and how to access the directory itself. This directory is for Centerpoint Church members only.

First Steps



1. You should have received a welcome email to join the directory. If you are a member and have not received an invite, please email Michael Makidon (

Click “join directory” link in the initial welcome email.

Note: You can also go straight to this link:

2. Enter the cell phone number that we have on file. Alternatively, you can use your email address. Click next.

3. You should then receive the login code you received via text. Enter the login code. Click next.

4. Choose your profile. (I’m using the fake CS Lewis account I created on the right. You should only have one.)        

5. Choose “directory”.

6. Click “Share it now” to share your information.

7. Choose the information that you’d like to share and “join the directory.”

8. To update your information including your photo, click on your initials at the top right, click profile, update your information, and save changes. The head of the household can update the information for all members of their household.

Accessing the Directory



1. Once you have logged in (see above for more information), click on Directory.

2. You can search for specific people or scroll down to find someone. Clicking on the person will allow you to see their profile.

3. You can search by a household by changing the search parameter to “view households.” You can also scroll down to find a specific household. Clicking on the household will allow you to see their profile.

Accessing the Directory on an Iphone or Android Device or on the web



1. Download the iOS or Android app on your phone. Alternatively, you can login at this address:

iOS (Apple) Link

Android Link

2. Enter the cell phone number that we have on file. Alternatively, you can use your email address. Click next.

3. Enter code received via text.

4. Log in

5. Enable Face ID (optional)

6. Click on directory

7. Share directory information by clicking “Share now.” You’ll choose who and what you’d like to share. See above for more information.

Video Walkthrough of initial signup:

Soapbox - Signing Up and Accessing the Directory