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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2018-02-20

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


February 20, 2018 18:00 UTC


Hi there,

Ruth Duerr is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: ADC-IARPC Semantics WG

Time: Feb 20, 2018 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Preliminary agenda (and minutes)

  1. Round table (who is attending).
  1. Ruth Duerr
  2. David Baker
  3. Mark Schildhauer
  4. Peter Pulsifer
  5. William Manley
  6. Øystein Godøy
  7. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa
  1. Adoption of agenda.
  1. No comments to the agenda, except that item 4 was deferred to the next meeting.
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting.
  1. 2018-01-23
  1. This is approved for publication now.
  1. Check that minutes are published on the website.
  1. Ruth has published the minutes from
  1. 2017-11-21
  2. 2017-10-17
  1. Review of collaboration tools - Deferred to next meeting
  1. Review document prepared by David Baker.
  2. Discussion of tools, clarification of the purpose of each tool, potentially voting.
  1. Review of the Google form for collecting information on information resources.
  1. Following the discussion in the last meeting, a question collecting information on the governance process for a information resource should be added.
  1. This has been added. No other change has been made.
  2. Mark suggests more descriptive preamble may be useful about rationale for questionnaire
  1. Is this form suitable for circulation now?
  1. It was agreed that this is ready now.
  2. Peter will send an email to the IARPC, POLARDATA, IASC, SAON, SCADM, SOOS, GEOCRI, Polar Data Planning Summit list (there will be cross-posting).
  3. Ruth will send an email to ESIP, RDA, and the AGU Earth and Space Group.
  4. Mark will send to Ecological commu-- LTER-USA, ILTER, ECOLOG-L etc.
  5. Øystein will link to WMO activities (GCW, GAW and CBS activities) and the EU Arctic Cluster effort.
  6. Peter will draft the email, Ruth will put in the link to the form.
  7. CASRAI/CODATA IRIDIUM Glossary and seeking Polar Data reviews
  1. Background information provided by David Baker.
  2. Two times a year there is need for a consultation concerning polar related terms.
  1. This is supported.
  2. David mentioned that there is a tool ( where people log in using a Google account. The system will tell the people involved that there are work to be done. This is built around a web commenting form. Comments are part of the permanent record for that term.
  3. This group will be notified as each new package of terms is being readied for public review. Members of the group can then get involved in various packages based on interest in specific terms. It is not necessary to join all reviews.
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Permadata update from Peter
  1. Small part of the project is focusing on vocabularies and ontologies to ensure interoperability of the results of the project with other projects.  Initial conversations with various members of the permafrost science community has identified interest in broader applications as well.  PLP will maintain communication with this group to identify potential synergy.
  2. Polar Data Planning Summit in May 22-24, Boulder- funded by NSF
  1. planning call for above on Mar. 8
  1. Mark provided an update on NSF Arctic Data Center efforts.
  1. building OWL ontology focused on “carbon cycling” concepts and measurements in order to support ADC synthesis effort focused in Permafrost zone. Trying to stay compatible with ENVO/SWEET vocabularies, coordinating with Pier (ENVO), Ruth (GCW), Lewis (SWEET), others? (let me know if missing relevant person/vocab efforts involving Permafrost and/or Carbon Cycling!)...
  2. Issues include: expressing synonymy, homonymy, and “axioms”, e.g. “permafrost thaw” involves concepts of permafrost, and thaw, both of which should be defined terms in vocabulary.
  1. Ruth provided an update on the GCW glossary
  1. Glacier hackathon-- virtual, started in Europe, ended in W. USA. Approx 16 hrs -  12 participants
  2. Ruth attending USA Semantics mtg-- March 1-2, Wayne State U.
  1. Peter provided update on Polar Data Planning Summit (  Note that there will be an IARPC call on March 8th (Arctic Data Sub-Team) that will focus on U.S. engagement in the process.  If interested, please contact
  1. Next meeting
  1. Next meeting will be 2018-03-27 18:00 UTC