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“Chris’ Story: Accessibility of Online Training” Video

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Text insert appears: Chris’ story, Accessibility of Online Training. A white man dressed in a tie is sitting in his office. He begins to sign.


Some of the barriers deaf professionals face, sometimes are for example, my institute requires ongoing training in different areas such as FERPA, HIPAA, privacy laws, how to protect ourselves, and so forth. Many of those on-the-job training are online in the form of PowerPoint files. There are slideshows with voice overs.

When I started working here, many of those files were not captioned. That meant I would have to call in an interpreter to interpret what was being said every time. Now most of them are captioned. Sometimes the captions don’t match the voiceovers exactly. That’s one example of how we have challenges in just making sure we continue to satisfy

our job duties and to get our required on-the-job training.

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