Tairangi School Health and Safety Policy

National Administration Guideline 5

Each Board of Trustees is also required to:

  1. Provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students;
  2. Comply in full with any legislation currently in force or that may be developed to ensure the safety of students and employees.


Tairangi School will take all practicable steps to ensure the safety and health of staff, students, visitors and contractors by complying with relevant health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice.


  1. To provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students and employees at Tairangi School.
  2. To ensure management systems for health and safety issues are in place.
  3. To ensure actual and potential hazards in the school have been identified, eliminated, isolated or minimised.


  1. The school will have written management procedures that are actively practiced and regularly reviewed for compliance.
    These will include:
  1. Tairangi School will have a health and safety committee with overall responsibility for health and safety management
  2. Students, staff, visitors and contractors are made aware of and take responsibility for complying with the schools health and safety procedures.
  3. Accidents and injuries will be recorded and a summary reported to the board regularly.
  4. First Aid Training will be made available for all staff.
  5. Provision for staff to receive flu vaccinations will be made available.
  6. Safety Action plans will be in place for EOTC.


The school will have a set of implemented management procedures which will result in a safe and caring physical and emotional environment for the Tairangi School community.


Key Tasks for the Health and Safety portfolio are:

Tairangi School has attempted to meet the requirements of NAG 5 through the following



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Reviewed Date: 9 May 2011

Board Chairperson: Liz Peilua

File:NAG5HealthSafety.doc        Health & Safety Policy