Dear Instructor,

The Hopkins Coalition Against ICE is calling for a walkout and rally on Wednesday, February 6th from 11am to 12pm to demand Johns Hopkins University immediately end its contracts with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency.

We are asking for your support in our ongoing efforts to pressure the university to end its complicity in human rights abuses, mass deportations and family separations, and to take concrete steps to protect international students and employees.

Nearly 2,000 university affiliates have petitioned JHU to immediately end the contracts, and hundreds of students have participated in multiple protests, but President Daniels has continued to reject our demands.

Please consider supporting our action and showing solidarity with immigrants by canceling your classes for that day or excusing students who wish to participate in the action.

Q: What should I tell my class if I decide to cancel it in solidarity?

A. You can announce at the beginning of your class that it is canceled in support of the Hopkins Coalition Against ICE. Encourage students to attend and tell them they won’t be penalized. Lastly, let them know that the rally will take place outside Brody Learning Commons.

Q: Will I face retaliation from the university if I cancel my class?

A: The more of us who stand together, the more difficult it will be for the administration to retaliate against anyone who decides to participate. However, we’d like to point out that not a single student or instructor has been punished for protesting against the contracts.

Q: I really want to support your efforts, but I don’t think it’s possible for me to cancel my classes. Is there anything else I can do to help?

A: You can “like” our page on Facebook, share our events through social media, and encourage students to participate in our action. If you choose to hold class as scheduled, we ask you to excuse any students who decide to attend the rally.

Q: Where can I learn more? How can I get involved?

A: You can visit the “Hopkins Coalition Against ICE” Facebook page for more information about the contracts or to find out about our next organizing meeting. Reach out to!

Endorsed by: American Civil Liberties Union (Maryland), Teachers and Researchers United (JHU), International Socialist Organization (Baltimore), Students Against Private Police (JHU), Party for Socialism and Liberation (Baltimore), Industrial Workers of the World (Baltimore), Jews United for Justice (Baltimore), Students for Justice in Palestine (JHU), and Democratic Socialists of America (Baltimore).