My Maps in Content Areas:

All: Current events

LA-  “Lit Trips”-locate settings of novels and include facts about the location that are significant to the story (e.g. Pakistan and Birmingham England for I Am Malala; Tulsa Oklahoma for Outsiders; Track Salva Dut’s journey as a refugee from South Sudan to America in A Long Walk to Water)

Science- Ocean currents (identify and draw major currents or gyres on earth)

-Locate and research Great Garbage Patches on Earth

-Trace the path of the “Rubber Ducks”

- Trace Hydrologic Cycle, identify watersheds and include facts

-Trace Carbon Cycle from local factory (??)

- Locate examples of climate change on earth

-Identify where some examples of alternative forms of energy (wind, solar) are located

-Track and plot migration patterns of marine animals, butterflies, birds,

Honors- identify examples of erosion and weathering on earth

-identify examples of secondary succession

-locate examples of camouflaging or other examples of animal adaptations (?)

-Describe/ locate and shade tectonic plates 

        Chemicals, minerals, elements

-Climate regions and biomes

Math???- percents-- locate store (Walmart, Target, Costco etc) and identify item on sale and which store offers better price. This can also be done with things like tickets to Cedar Point, Bowling…

Art: History of Art.  Location of great works of art.  Summary of art, Icons of style.

        Local art