Terms & Conditions

© IT Place ABN: 63 149 452 263

  1.  Definitions
  1. “IT Place”, “website” represents IT Place (ABN: 63 149 452 263) www.itplace.com.au including but not limited to all its websites, domains, sub domains and sub sites.
  2. “We”, “Our”, “I” and “Us” means IT Place as a business, our services, our employees and management.
  3.  “You”, “your”, “customer(s)”, “user(s)” or “enquirer” means any person, business or entity requesting or ordering service(s), visiting, accessing or otherwise using the IT Place website(s) and IT Place resources.
  4.  “Services” means any service(s) provided by IT Place to its customer(s).
  1. Contract
  1. Unless agreed in writing by IT Place, any contract for any services supplied by IT Place are bound by these conditions in addition to other terms or conditions found in IT Place website(s), support service proposal(s), quote(s), sales order(s) and invoice(s). These conditions cannot be changed by any other terms or conditions unless prior written consent of IT Place.
  1. Content
  1. The content on the IT Place website(s) does not constitute an advice and provides general information only. The content on IT Place website(s) also includes the data provided by outside parties and is included in good faith. All information on this site is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights by their respective parties and brands. No images, text or other content from this site may be distributed or reproduced without prior written approval from the management of IT Place. User(s) agrees that IT Place cannot be held responsible and indemnify for any damages, expense, injury or loss incurred by using the information on IT Place website and agrees to use the information on website at its own risk.
  2. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 all other rights are reserved. Requests for further authorisation should be directed to: Email: admin@itplace.com.au .
  3. IT Place reserves the right to omit, discontinue or change any content, fees and charges on IT Place website(s), services it offers, or other specifications referred at any time without any prior notice. Any kind of promotions and advertising appearing on IT Place websites does not amount to an endorsement by IT Place. All the information displayed should be verified through your own independent enquiries. External Links on IT Place web site including its domains and sub sites to external websites are provided for information only. IT Place takes no responsibility and does not imply any endorsement of the views expressed and the content of the external sites, and links to such sites. IT Place website, its domains and sub sites may contain content that is copyright by other organisations or people. This content is used with permission from the respective parties. If you find any content on IT Place website that should otherwise NOT be available because of the copyright restrictions, we like you to contact us immediately by email to admin@itplace.com.au 
  4. All communication in any form by IT Place is for the intended recipient only and should not be disclosed or shared with anyone without the prior written consent from IT Place. Although IT Place has taken reasonable precautions to ensure no viruses are present in the emails, IT Place cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of its emails or attachments.
  5. File(s) provided by IT Place to its clients either in the form of download content, email attachment(s), soft or hard copy remains the property of IT Place and should not be shared or disclosed to anyone without the prior written consent from IT Place.
  1. Payments and Refunds
  1. IT Place currently accepts payments through direct deposit as mode of payment of services from its customers.
  1. Customer(s) understand and acknowledges to pay for any IT services supplied and/or sourced by IT Place via any communication medium, each on site visit, total time spent by IT Place engineers during meetings, planning, researching, designing, deploying of IT infrastructure or solutions; troubleshooting and testing of hardware, technologies or solutions for its clients. IT Place may provide on request the activity report of tasks performed to its clients.
  2. Any IT services supplied by IT Place, its subcontractors or its distributors which lies outside the scope of agreed service contract which be charged in addition to the customer at the current rate.
  3. Provisioned services by IT Place require a 50% deposit prior to job commencement and must be paid in full on completion of the job.
  4. Standard call out (on site visit) fee will be charged to clients with exception to some areas. Please contact IT Place for more information.
  5. Price Review:
  1. Market review at end of contract period or
  2. Annual price review for IT support services.
  1. If customer defaults in any payment(s) by due date ( 14 days from date of invoice or unless agreed by IT Place ) or if any cheque is dishonoured, then all payments shall be due and payable immediately without any requirement of any notice to the customer. IT Place therefore will:
  1. cease or suspend supply of services to the customer for that period; and
  2. charge 25% interest on invoices which are 14 days overdue from the due date; and/or
  3. charge an administration fee of AUD $150.00 for any dishonoured cheques.
  1. All charges incurred by IT Place on it’s supplied services to its customer(s) are non-refundable.
  1. Estimate(s) and Invoice(s)
  1. Estimate(s) on service(s) proposed by IT Place are valid for 30 days from the date of creation and may contain terms in addition to these terms & conditions.
  2. Estimated time and charges for IT services is estimate only and customers agrees and accepts:
  1. that IT Place may be required to input additional time on top of estimated time for whatever reason on customer’s current IT setup to complete the job.
  2. that final service charges may vary from estimated charges after the job completion.
  3. to pay in full any additional charges incurred plus the estimated charges.
  1. Invoice(s) or sales order(s) on service(s) issued by IT Place must be paid in full by the customer within 14 days from the date of invoice.
  1. GST
  1. All service charges quoted by IT Place are in Australian dollars (AUD) and exclude GST unless stated otherwise by IT Place. Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay GST in addition to service charges.
  1.  IT Place Warranties
  1. Customer understands and accepts that IT products and technologies may have error and/or bugs and may encounter unexpected problems at any time which can result in downtime.
  2. IT Place does not warrant that it can fix all problems it troubleshoots on daily basis.
  1. Customer Responsibility
  1. Customer shall be:
  1. Responsible to ensure that all user(s) operating have adequate knowledge and information on computer hardware and software and shall comply with guidelines or procedures supplied by IT Place and/or its manufacture.
  2. Responsible for contacting manufacturers or its support department on functioning issues of any hardware(s) and software(s). IT Place cannot be held responsible for any waiting period or downtime during the hardware replacement or software troubleshooting by the manufacturer. IT Place does not guarantee on any work performed by the manufacturer technician(s).
  3. Responsible for maintenance and security of any software(s), application(s) and/or solution(s) installed by IT Place on customer’s behalf. IT Place and its suppliers will not be held responsible for any downtime or security breach during operation.
  4. Responsible for maintaining procedures and processes in place to minimize downtime due to unexpected problems at any time in IT products and technologies.
  5. Responsible for maintaining and keeping at all times any backup media and current backup of software(s), operating system and data files on computer and/or server hard drive(s) and/or on any external storage device(s). IT Place and/or its third party service provider will not be responsible at any time for any data loss, alteration, corruption or deletion of software(s), operating system files and subfiles.
  6. Responsible for maintaining and/or any breach of any software license(s) provided by the customer to IT Place for installation. IT Place will not be held responsible for any software expiration, loss, damages, costs, expenses whatsoever relating to any software license(s) issues before or after the software installation.IT Place may recommend software licenses to its clients if requested.
  1. Cancellation and Termination
  1. Customer can cancel services (excludes hosting products and services) in writing or email by giving 30 days notice in advance.
  2. IT Place reserves the right to cancel or suspend its services to its customer at any time for any reason it deems appropriate.
  3. IT Place reserves the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason at any time.
  1. Indemnity
  1. You agree to indemnify and will keep IT Place indemnified against any kind of claim, demand, injury, damage, loss, expense, cost or liability (whether direct or indirect) made against or suffered by IT Place in connection with your use of its site and subsites, all services and your breach of these Terms of Use or your breach of any rights of third parties.
  2. Customer shall also indemnify IT Place against any claim, costs, harm, other expenses whatsoever, loss or damages arising either directly or indirectly in connection of installing software(s) upon the request of the customer.
  1. Limitation of Liability
  1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, IT Place excludes itself completely from any liability to any person, business and/or entity for loss or damage of any kind (however caused, including by negligence) arising from or relating in any way to the material and/or any use of any of the IT Place Website(s) and/or any of the services supplied by IT place as a business. Where any law implies a warranty into these terms of use, which may not lawfully be excluded, then to the maximum extent permitted by law. IT Place liability for breach of the warranty will be limited to the supply of the services again, or the payment of the cost of having them supplied again.
  1. Privacy
  1. IT Place highly values the strong relationship we have build with our customers over time. IT Place handles all the customer information with full care and proper respect for the privacy of our customers. We do not sell or give our customers information to marketing companies.
  2. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is stored securely and accurately. We do not collect personal information when you visit our site unless you place an order with us, register with us or log on. We may from time to time send updates and notifications on services and promotions in the form of letter, email or SMS to our customers.
  3. When you place an order you will be asked for information such as your name, name of your organisation, mailing address, delivery address, Email, phone number, or any other necessary information required to complete the order. We share this information, and only that information which is absolutely necessary, with those third parties that are involved in processing of your order. For example third parties could include but not limited to your financial institution that issued your credit card, IT Place suppliers and distributors from where IT place procure Goods and Services to resell to its customers. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for Credit card transactions. By using SSL technology we ensure placing an order on IT Place website is the safest kind of transaction possible with the credit card.
  4. IT Place is committed to reducing the attempt of fraud. Our policy and commitment is that we will prosecute any cases of fraud that we identify. We reserve the right to contact our customers via phone call, email or fax requesting more information / proof to confirm the details that you have supplied to us. If any of the information you supply is found to be false or misleading, we will, if we deem it appropriate, report this to the appropriate authorities for them to prosecute.
  5. IT Place web site, its domains, and sub sites contain links to external third party web sites. IT Place is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites.
  6. More information on Privacy legislation is available from the Federal Privacy Commission at www.privacy.gov.au
  7. In the process of making an enquiry, or booking a request, or providing personal information whilst placing an order, you agree to allow us to contact you by using the contact details provided to us, in order to facilitate of doing business with us. You also agree to allow us to use this information to update or inform you of other services offered by IT Place as a business which may interest you. If you do not wish to receive this kind of information, you may notify us at any time by sending us an email at admin@itplace.com.au 
  1. Disclaimer
  1. The use of IT Place website(s) is at your sole risk. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is correct and is kept up to date, however IT Place ABN: 63 149 452 263 makes no warranty or representation as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained on IT Place websites.
  2. IT Place disclaims all liability for any loss or damage either direct or indirect which may be suffered through relying on any information contained in, or omitted from, IT Place websites and/or IT Place service(s). Management of IT Place reserves the right to change, update any Policy, Procedure, and its Terms & Conditions, price(s) for service(s) at any time without any prior notice to the customer.
  1.  Acceptance
  1. You agree and accept without limitation or qualification all of the above terms and conditions by requesting services from IT Place, and/or continued use of IT Place website(s). You also agree to indemnify IT Place from any damages, loss or costs in connection with any breach of these conditions, or any other legal obligation by you.