About: Our guidelines represents an encouragement of behavior on the server, an ideal of the servers “brand”. The rules describes absolute forbidden behavior. Admin takes no responsibility for loss when guidelines and rules are not followed.

Intention: Maintaining a mature community, show each other respect. The guidelines do benefit small groups by preventing domination of huge groups. Guidelines also promotes a noob friendly mindset, to let new players settle down.

Breaking the rules: Depending on the severity, consequences may be warnings, kicking, and bans from 24 hours to permanent.

Rules [Absolute forbidden behavior]

- Spam:
 Chat or voice channels (in-game or Discord).

- Cheating: Any inappropriate behavior may also get consequences.

- Offensive signs: Like nazi- or ISIS-signs.

- Advertising: For other servers.

- Personal attack: Racism, harassment, strong words.

Guidelines [An optional ideal]

1. Noob friendly: Please do not kill harmless or friendly-minded players. Please consider to treat your enemies wisely, we don’t always have to shoot on sight.

2. Group Limit: Please do not roam more than 3 players together. Alliances are only meant for the purpose of defending a raid.

3. Griefing: Please do not intentional irritate or destroy the gameplay for others, like blocking someone inside their base, camp to kill the same people over again, exploit bugs, or prevent someone from building bases.

What is griefing?

Considered as griefing

Not considered as griefing

Block someones base and leave

Taking over a base