June 28, 2019 – 11:30 @ Stockmen’s Cafe

Members Present:   Karen Langmo,  Kevin Farnum, Jeff Erdmann, Jim Elseth, Susan Schaefer, and Riley Flanders.


Members Absent: Alex Naujokas, sue Eyre, Ken Hess, Dan Zeigler, Jim Losleben


Secretary’s Report:  Kevin Farnum made a motion to pass the May 2nd and 31st 2019 minutes.     Jeff Erdmann seconded it.  The motion passed.          

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report for January - June 27th, 2019 was reviewed. A motion to approve the report was made by Jeff Erdmann.  It was seconded by  Kevin Farnum.  The motion passed.          

Old Business

Annual Meeting:  The annual meeting will be held on Saturday,  July 13th at the Paynesville High School Auditorium.   A review of the agenda was done.  Karen commented that she wasn’t sure if the Paynesville Township was going to be present to give a presentation or not. She will contact them one more time. Discussion was held regarding the board elections at the annual meeting.  There are currently 5 open seats and 6 candidates running.  Karen mentioned that we will need to have a ballot at the annual meeting.  She will have one printed up.  Jim Elseth, the treasurer currently holds a voting seat on the board.  He suggested that he give up his board seat and change the treasurer’s position to a non-voting seat to accommodate all of the candidates.  The total number of board seats will still remain at 11 per the by- laws.  Kevin reviewed the by-laws and found no reason not to accept Jim’s resignation as a voting member to a non-voting member.  A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Jeff Erdmann to accept this change.  The motion passed. Karen will still have a ballot printed up just in case.

High Water/No Wake Zone:  The Stearns County Sheriff’s department will be starting the process of establishing a high water no wake zone for the lake.  It takes about 6 months to complete and it is their hope that it will be in place for next summer.  Karen’s contact with the department is Kellan Hemmesch.                                                                                   

Team Captains Meeting Recap:  Overall the Team Captains meeting on June 1st went real well.  They asked that we put together  for the Watershed Petition Project signature drive a letter that they can pass out and possibly a video.  Steve and Kevin have put together both.  Karen is dropping off all of the materials after today’s meeting for the team captains to pick up when they start the WPP signature drive.

Watershed Petition Project Update:  The team captains will  starting their signature drive in the upcoming weeks.  The video and letter and other pertinent materials to use during the signature drive are ready and will passed out the next weeks and at the annual meeting.

Membership Form Comments:  The board reviewed the second round of the membership from written comments.  No real surprises.  There will be some follow-up on a few requests.

Committee Reports


Community Involvement/Awareness: The fireworks are scheduled for Saturday, July 6th.  Thanks to Paul BugBee for use of his pontoon boat to transfer the fireworks to the island.  The boat parade will be on Saturday, July 6th, starting at 2 PM.  This year, Koronis Kafe gift cards will be awarded to participants.  Thank you to Riley Flanders for leading the parade! Kevin and Riley will take care of getting the pontoon to the Veterans Park Landing for the fireworks crew.

Lake Quality Improvement:  1) Currently addressing concerns of a lake resident regarding field run-off into the lake via his property.  Run-off apparently from a field near the intersection of Co Rd 20 and 25. Contact was made with Greg Berg and a follow-up meeting will be taking place.  2) Randall project needs written landowner approval before proceeding.  Meeting of two landowners will be scheduled to review final plans and to get their written approval. 3) Still only one landowner signed up for the rock inlet project.

AIS: Permit for SS project now complete with no one commenting on “no treatment” off from their property.  First survey was completed June 24 with the Third Party Auditor.  We are at least a week out from starting the mechanical pulling.  The take-out location is ready to go, equipment just needs to be in place.

Membership/Dues: There are 259 regular memberships totalling $23,770 and 17 business memberships totalling $1,450.  We are $5,625 ahead of total regular membership totals from last year and $350 behind on businesses from last year. We are $427 behind in AIS Donations and 2,535 ahead in fireworks donations.

New Business

Future Meetings:     The next meeting will be the annual meeting on July 13th at the Paynesville High School Auditorium.  The next regular meeting will be.  The August meeting will be held on August 23rd and the September meeting will be held on the 27th.       .                


Signed, Executive Secretary,


Alex Naujokas