OWL Testing Software is pleased to offer Webcam Exam Monitoring.

Exam Security is more important than ever, and the webcam monitor is another way that the OWL Test Management System helps improve test integrity. It is a way to confirm that the person completing your exam is the person who registered. This feature not only identifies suspicious actors after the fact, but the knowledge of the monitoring can deter fraudulent behavior in the first place. And the captured images provide an additional audit trail for your assessment process.

This feature uses the test taker’s webcam to verify identity in three possible ways.

  • Capturing an image of their ID
  • Capturing an image of their face at the start of their exam, and
  • Capturing random snapshots of the test taker throughout the session

In this video, we will show you how to add the webcam monitor to your OWL Assignment; What the monitoring looks like to your test takers and how to view those captured images.


Adding the monitor to an assignment is simple. We’ll go to the Testing Menu and select Manage Assignments (1). You need to be an assignment creator in OWL to use this page. That would be an OWL Instructor or System Administrator.

You can add monitoring to a new assignment when you create it or you can turn monitoring on and off an individual assignment at anytime. Even if the assignment is locked, this is a feature you can add. You can just click on the edit pencil (2) to launch the create assignment page.

Users who have subscribed to this feature can select the boxes for any or all of these options:

(3) Monitoring the session

(4) Capturing a snapshot of an ID

(5) And capturing a picture of the test taker’s face

Be sure to click save to include your changes.


Now let’s log in as a student and see how the monitoring will work for your test taker. When they launch an assignment with the webcam monitor turned on, they will see a message asking them to get their webcam ready and allow the browser access. They must click ok and then allow.

Now the message is requesting a picture of their ID. When they are ready, they click okay, line up their id in front of their camera, and then click capture. They can Accept or Retake the snapshot.

Next they are asked to capture their portrait. When ready they again click okay, then capture and accept. Finally there is a notification about the ongoing monitoring. Once the test taker clicks okay, their exam will start as usual.


Next we’ll go over viewing the images in OWL. Access to the captured images is similar to any of the other response information in OWL. It is available to: the instructor if they have created the assignment, test administrators on the assignment’s roster and the system administrators.

To view the images go to the Testing menu and select Webcam Monitor (1).

Click on the images icon (2) for the test taker you wish to view.

Here you will see timestamp information for the captures.Here is the ID snapshot, followed by the photo of the face, and then the session snapshots. You can page through them with the arrows or click on the one you wish to look.


One more important thing. When your test taker launches an OWL Test that has the webcam monitor, their computer or other device must have a camera or they will not able to launch the test. So please be sure to include this information in whatever pre-exam instructions you provide.

With the OWL Webcam Monitor you can gain even more control over online remote testing and in-person proctored or invigilator monitored sessions.

If you would like to add this feature to your subscription, talk to a representative about adding this feature to your OWL subscription, please contact us today at That’s info at o w l t s dot com. As always, thank you for your time, and for choosing the OWL Test Management System.