- Completed MU123 - Open University Module (with Distinction, 89%)


- Completed MST124 - Open University Module (with Distinction)


- Completed PhD research proposals and personal statements for approximately 15 PhD programmes (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, NUS, KCL, Nottingham etc.).

- Applied for Open Philanthropy AI Career Scholarship for £40,000-£100,000.

- Completed ‘Justice’ (Harvard MOOC; Verified Certificate)

- Completed Units 1 (Introduction) 2 (Mathematical Typesetting), MST125 (Pure Maths module), The Open University.

- Completed Unit 1, M140 (Statistics), The Open University


- Completed Weeks 1 & 2 (Plato), (GV100 [Intro to Political Theory], London School of Economics, [Auditing module].

- Completed Units 2 and 3, M140 (Statistics), The Open University

- Completed Unit 3 (Number Theory), Unit 4 (Conics) MST125, Unit 5 Newtonian Mechanics (Statics), MST125, The Open University

- Completed Weeks 1 and 2, MA100 - Mathematical Methods (LSE course on advanced Calculus/Linear Algebra) [Auditing]

- Met with Economist Michael Webb (Stanford) to discuss research ideas, career advice etc.


- Applied to Y Combinator for a startup idea

- Completed various units of MST125 (Maths) and M140 (statistics) via The Open University

- Applied to more graduate programmes (Edinburgh etc.)



- Applied to Long-Term Future fund for £15,000-£40,000

- Completed some PhD interviews

- Completed M140 Stats Module, via The Open University (except for the final exam)

- Started programming MOOC (relevant for computational Economics)


- Halfway through programming MOOC

- Completed 4 units of MST125 (Pure Maths), The Open University

- Began statistical theory course



- Nearly completed MST125

- Progressing through Computer Science MOOC

- Completed MST125 (with Distinction)

- Prepared and completed PhD interviews with prospective supervisors

- Completed Research Assistant  tasks/interviews

- Applied to Research Assistant positions


- Largely worked on turning previous work (on behavioural economics and anthropology) into publications.


- Applied for a grant ~$1000-2000 to work on research relating to the slowdown of Economic Growth. I received the grant but had to turn it down in the end due to other work commitments.

- Wrote an article on the reasons for the Growth Slowdown in the 21st century and may publish it.

- 33% through MIT OpenCourseware course on Probability Theory

- Finished Statistical Theory course from earlier.

- Accepted place on Economics PhD programme, Glasgow University.


- Studying Linear Algebra, Real Analysis and Group Theory, including audited M208 (Pure Maths) Linear Algebra and Real Analysis, The Open University