Click here to roll for your random chance.  The number that appears determines the event your characters will be subjected to.

0-5 You run out of water.

 6-10 You run out of food.

11-15 You run out of fuel. : If character(s) do not own a vehicle, roll again.

16-20 You run out of Ammo

21-23 You have vehicle problems that immobilize you or your mount gets hurt.

24-27 A member of your group is ill and no one knows why.

28-29 You encounter a member of the Rhymes family.

30-32 Radioactive Fleas infest your camp.

32-38 Hell Hounds attack:  You encounter the “WolfMan” and his Three Headed Hound

39-43 You stumble into a Giant Wasp Hive.

44-48 Red Rats Attack.

49-52 Savages/Raiders attack you or a group you know.

53-56 Run in with the Domenick Family

57-60 A Giant Boar eats your carried supplies.

61-64 Vultures have been following you/ circling your camp/town, waiting for a chance to attack.

65-68 A Giant Rattlesnake appears nearby.

69-70 A Giant Alligator (Gigator) surprises you.

70-74 A Radioactive storm blows through. This creates dangerous radiation in the rain that causes severe burns if exposed.

75 Earthquake

76-79 You run into a member(s) of the “Wrath” who try to convert you.

80-83 You run into a group of bikers.

84-88 You run into Wanderers who need help. (could this be a trick?)

89-90 You run into a Member(s) of T.T.E.S.

90-92 You run into New American forces.

93-95 You are trapped by Conglomerate Forces. They always shoot first and ask questions later.

96-97 You find an abandoned truck full of supplies. 

98-99 A tall building nearby begins to fall. Or A fire erupts from an unknown source and begins burning your way.

00 A Hurricane hits land.