So... it was lunch time in Nevada, Missouri and I could not decide where to eat at. Then I remembered the amazing flavors from my last ‘Betty Baked Potato’ from Buzz’s BBQ and immediately made a call in order for the one with pulled pork.

Eric Reitan was on his way to town and would be checking in to the Country Inn and Suites upon arrival, eating at Buzz’s BBQ as well, and doing a sound check at the Jim’s Roadhouse.

After my lunch I got word that Eric would be doing a radio interview on KNEM/KNMO during the two o'clock hour so i did not want to miss that so i scheduled a little break from my day-work as the Assistant Technical Director at the Cottey College Performing Arts Center to catch the call-in interview.  I quickly grabbed my video camera to be able to archive it on our website, cause well, that is just how I roll.

The Eric Reitan concert event was a great night featuring, myself, Dangerous Doug Harper as the opening act and the DJ Finnis during the breaks. DeLaney Vineyard and Winery hosted a wine tasting before and during the concert ‘WHILE SUPPLIES LASTED’ and it was nice, even though I have already sampled them, to get a chance to enjoy some Country Red, Liams Liquid, Celtic Charm, and the City White.

The current episode, at the time of this writing,  of #LunchWithDoug #118 is promoting Lucky Local and just how truly lucky we are to have so many great local businesses, let's support them financially by buying their goods and using their services. Next month we will go one step further and Embrace Local. See you soon.

Dangerous Doug Harper

Musician & Host