Q & A

Q. Was the tryout date moved again? Why?

  1. We comply with all FYSA Bylaws and as such will hold our tryouts as the current rules require.

    If you see any FYSA affiliated club hosting a tryout before May 6th, they are violating FYSA's guidelines and this could impact their tryouts and affiliation status. No matter what those clubs state to you, they are breaking the rules, beware!

    Hollywood Wildcats FC will hold tryouts commencing Monday, May 6
    th, which is consistent with what each and every FYSA sanctioned club has the autonomy to do.

Q. What is FYSA?

  1. Florida Youth Soccer Association is the governing body which sanctions leagues, clubs, coaches, and players in the state. FYSA provides the rules and regulations we adhere to.

Q. What happens to my roster spot on my current team after tryouts in May?

  1. Absolutely nothing changes for the remainder of the 2018/2019 season!

    It is imperative to note that no players will be ‘cut’ or dropped for the remainder of the 2018/19 season. All teams should be aware of their league and tournament calendar for the spring and their existing team will remain in place until the last ball is kicked by each team in late May or June or even beyond.

    In the event any existing player is not offered a roster spot on their current team for the 2019/20 season, this tryout determination will not supersede the club’s commitment to developing players for the duration of the 2018/19 season.

Q. Does this mean that there will be no tryouts in June or July?

  1. We will still hold tryouts at the conclusion of the 2018/19 season in late June / early July (dates TBA). Please note, however, that 2019/20 roster spots might be offered on the evening of the first tryout date and subsequently at any point from May 6th onwards.

    Club tryout protocol will remain consistent as in previous years, in which players will receive an email or in person confirmation of their roster spot selection and will have 24 hours to accept their spot via submitting a registration payment. Upon the elapse of the 24 hour window, roster selection emails will expire and the roster spot will become open again.

    We will also hold tryouts in the evenings on a team-by-team basis during May and June practices. For approval to attend these tryout sessions, please contact the club Director of Competitive programming Tom Tianich by email This option is not available to players currently rostered with another Club; those players must attend one of the Open Tryouts, as per FYSA rules.

Q. What follow up communication will I receive post tryout in May?

  1. Players can expect to be given one of two responses from the May tryouts:

    1. Congratulations! We are delighted to offer you a roster spot on (TEAM NAME) for season 2019/20.
    2. Thank you for attending tryouts for (TEAM NAME). At this time we are requesting that you return to our next set of tryouts to be held on (DATE).

Q. Will all roster spots be offered out in May?

  1. The number of roster spots still ‘open’ after the May tryout dates will vary on a team-by-team basis. It should be noted, however, that each team is looking to fill a minimum 75% of roster spots during the May tryout period.

    Due to May 6th triggering a period of open registration for all clubs statewide, Hollywood Wildcats FC encourages existing and new players to attend tryouts starting May 6th to give each player the best opportunity to be evaluated for player placement.

Q. I am confused. What should I do?

  1. If you are an existing player at Hollywood Wildcats FC, please feel free to reach out to your coach following the club protocol. If you would like to clarify the tryout process further, please feel free to call the club office 954-929-2287 or email and our volunteer staff will best guide you.

    If you are new to our Club
    Download Wildcats Tryouts Flyer

Q. When will practices start?

  1. If you are currently with Hollywood Wildcats FC or any other FYSA affiliated Club and you are offered a spot on our Competitive Team for next season, you will need to accept and register for next season, BUT you will still have to finish playing for your current team/Club until such time they release you. Please do not ask the Club to release you early so that you can play for us. Finish your season with them to its completion.

    Each Club/team has different schedules and tournaments planned. We do not know when they will release you, but as long as all your financial and other obligations to your Club are fulfilled, there is no need to worry.

    We will have some form of soccer practice during the Summer (weather and fields permitting) - maybe even games - but the proper practices with your Coach will start when school comes back in session.