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How to be a Virtual Student at Holy Cross School
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How to be a Virtual Student at Holy Cross

If your child/ren is going to be learning virtually at any point in time this 2020-2021 school year, here are the steps you need to know in order for your child to successfully virtually join live classes.

  1. Your child/ren must have their school google account information. Older students have this either memorized or written down somewhere already. Younger students parents will receive this information via a paper that will come home. PLEASE do not lose this information.
  2. You must be a member of your teacher/s Google Classrooms. If your child/ren knows they are not a member of the classroom please watch Mrs. Eisenman’s video tutorial “How to login to Google Classroom” to become a member. If you have an older child/ren they MUST be members of ALL their teachers classrooms because each teacher will run their live class from their own Google Classroom.
  3. In the top left hand corner of the Google Classroom you will see a link that is a Google Meet link. Simply click on that link to join a live class. If you get an error message that means the teacher has not yet started the class and you will need to try again.
  4. Know what is appropriate and expected of you when you are learning virtually.  Please check out our Google Meet Expectations here.
  5. Please know when your child/ren have special subjects. Some special subject teachers will use the regular classroom teachers Google Meet, and others like Mrs Eisenman (Technology) will use her own Google Classroom that students should join.
  6. If you are having issues please contact your child/ren teacher and let them know.