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LEISD Board Resolution on Equity
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LESID Resolution on Equity

WHEREAS, the mission of the Liberty-Eylau Independent School District (LEISD) is to  provide an instructional environment where all students will develop essential academic, career, and social skills for a lifetime of learning.  Our students will become responsible, contributing, and highly productive citizens in a diverse and changing world.

WHEREAS, LEISD is known throughout Texarkana, the State of Texas, and beyond, as an entity that is striving for inclusiveness and diversity.

WHEREAS, we are committed to understanding and valuing history as it affects our institutional viability and vitality.

WHEREAS, we recognize that the history of the community we serve includes racial and economic segregation that produced inequalities that persist to this day.

WHEREAS, we know that the effects of segregation have had compounding generational consequences for LEISD students.

WHEREAS, we recognize historical decisions have created barriers that no child should be forced to overcome and our direct capacity to eliminate these conditions is limited, but we also believe that a high-quality public education provides all children the best chance to enhance their lives.

WHEREAS, we believe in equity, inclusion, acceptance, dignity, and equal rights for ALL students, staff, families, and community members.

WHEREAS, we are committed to addressing the social, emotional, cultural, structural, and educational barriers that members of our diverse population may experience through policy, advocacy, community engagement, and professional development.

WHEREAS, we believe we must directly confront inequities in school and teacher quality, resource allocation, socioeconomically and racially segregated enrollment patterns, and issues of programmatic access and effectiveness that result in achievement and attainment inequities for each and every demographic group.

WHEREAS, we recognize that LEISD students face many out-of-school factors that impact their education including but not limited to poverty, housing, transportation, and health care, and in these areas we must engage in robust collaboration with private entities, nonprofits, philanthropy, and municipal institutions including the City of Texarkana, Texarkana College, and Texas A&M University-Texarkana to alleviate the symptoms of these factors.

WHEREAS, we believe that we can create equitable access to educational opportunities and close gaps in academic performance for students, and that this can be done holistically and collectively addressing the challenges of high-poverty schools while also working to promote more socioeconomically and racially diverse schools throughout the district.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Liberty-Eylau Independent School District Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Schools on this 20th day of August, 2020 will relentlessly pursue systemic improvements to policies, programs, and practices in ways that eliminate inequities; ensure educational success for every racial, ethnic, and demographically diverse group of students; and enrich the lives of all children in the Liberty-Eylau Independent School District.

FURTHER RESOLVED, LEISD shall continue to strive for inclusiveness, diversity, racial equity, socioeconomic equity, educational equity, teacher equity, programmatic equity and achievement equity through inclusion, acceptance, dignity, and equal rights for ALL students, staff, families, and community members.