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ATMOS Barter Agreement
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ATMOS Barter Agreement

ATMOS by Summit Technology Group provides up-to-the-minute automated weather reports for broadcast radio and television facilities. The use of this service is, in many cases, supported by sponsorships and underwriting. All non-commercial announcements will be compliant with FCC regulations governing underwriting on non-commercial stations. Commercial stations may be required to carry ads or other promotional announcements. Affidavits may be needed to confirm the number of times the weather report aired. A $295 setup fee may apply. See below to apply for a discount or waiver of the setup fee. Please complete the below form to start using ATMOS.

Station Information

Type of station:

☐ Non-commercial, Educational                                        ☐ Non-commercial, LPFM

☐ Non-commercial, Public                                                 ☐ Commercial (Valid rate card must be attached)

Call Sign:


Suffix (AM, FM, TV, LPFM, etc.):


Primary Community of License:

City: ________________________________________

State: _______________________________________

☐ Station is outside the US.

Additional Communities Served:




Underwriting Contact:

Name: ______________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________

Email: _______________________________________

☐ Yes, please send me periodic reports about the entities who sponsor the ATMOS weather reports so I may include them in my Online Public Inspection File.

☐ No thanks, I will keep track of the entities who sponsor the ATMOS weather reports myself so I may include a report in my Online Public Inspection File.

I, the undersigned, hereby accept to the terms and conditions enumerated below or on page attached hereto:

___________________________________________________________       ____________________________

Signature                                                                                                              Date

☐ Apply to discount/waive the $295 one-time setup fee. DMA (optional): ___________ # of FT employees: ______

For Office Use Only

Received: _______________              ☐ Rate card valid

☐ Station eligible                  ☐ Setup fee paid or waived

☐ Software deployed: _______________

☐ Sent to Agency: _______________

☐ Initial announcement produced

☐ Inactive account: _______________

Terms and Conditions

  1. OVERVIEW - ATMOS is a software product that delivers periodic, computer generated, weather reports via audio file (hereinafter referred to as The Report). These files are to be ingested into an automated playout system and aired on radio or television broadcast stations. The use of ATMOS, if approved by Summit Technology Group, is free of charge. A start up fee may apply to begin using ATMOS. The use of ATMOS is based on a barter arrangement whereby the broadcast station (hereinafter referred to as The User) trades some amount of airtime in exchange for the use of the ATMOS service.
  2. COMMERCIAL BARTER - The User implicitly agrees to the prepending of a commercial announcement to The Report to promote, mention, advertise, or encourage the use of a product, brand, service, company, or behavior to the listing audience. This announcement shall be made in the main language used by the station. In certain cases, it may be necessary to run additional commercial spots independent of The Report. These additional commercial spots will take the form of either :30 or :60 second spots.
  3. NON-COMMERCIAL BARTER - The User implicitly agrees to the prepending of a non-commercial announcement to The Report to mention and implicitly promote the underwriting individual, company, product, brand, or organization. Non-commercial stations will never be asked to carry any announcement that would violate the non-commercial nature of their license. Non-commercial stations will carry public service announcements (hereinafter referred to as PSAs) which will be underwritten by a company or brand.
  4. PLAYOUT REQUIREMENTS - Playout requirements and schedules will be sent to The User when the sponsor is assigned. Typical schedules require 8 to 10 performances per day.
  5. TERM OF AGREEMENT - This service is provided for a period of one (1) year from the date of application receipt with an automatic renewal every one (1) year until cancelled by Summit Technology Group or the User. All of the terms in this Agreement shall remain in force until terminated, in whole or in part, by Summit Technology Group.
  6. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - Summit Technology Group will retain all interest in and to the Products and Services, including all documentation, modifications, improvements, upgrades, derivative words, and all other Intellectual Property rights in connection with the Service, including Summit Technology Group’s name, logos, and trademarks reproduced through the Product or Service. SideCAR is a registered trademark of Summit Technology Group. Other trademarks, names, logos, or other branding is property of the respective rightsholder.
  7. SUPPORT AND WARRANTY - Stations that carry ATMOS Reports and are licensed to use the ATMOS software are entitled to non-emergency email only support. Non-emergency support is available 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Monday - Friday Eastern Prevailing Time. To seek support, email or submit a support ticket online at Calls to the emergency support number will be handled and billed at the prevailing emergency support rate. A credit card may need to be on file to use this emergency service. All non-check/cash payments are subject to a 3.9% convenience and processing fee. In the event of a default in payment the Buyer agrees to pay all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and interest shall accrue at the rate of 18% per annum.
  8. TERMINATION - Summit Technology Group reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, discontinue, suspend, or stop any or all license(s) at any time with no notice.
  9. EMERGENCY USE - ATMOS is not to be used as, or in place of certified Emergency Alert System (EAS) or Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) equipment and software. Nor is it to be used in public warning systems, aviation, or mass notification systems. ATMOS is not an emergency alerting system. Summit Technology Group disclaims all liability when the product is used in a way other than intended.
  10. MUST CARRY - All content delivered as a part of The Report as well as the sponsorship that is prepended to the beginning of The Report must be aired without modification, obstruction, censorship, or destruction.
  11. GOOD FAITH - All content delivered as a part of The Report as well as the sponsorship that is prepended to the beginning of The Report must be aired in good faith on a federally licensed terrestrial broadcast station operating at full power and modulation. Nighttime operation of AM stations is acceptable so long as the signal is reasonably prominent in the community of license.

Email completed forms to

Or fax to (248) 706-6941

Rev. 04/17/20