Portage Rod & Gun Club


Volume 19 Issue 3

President’s Message

I hope everyone was able to take advantage of the warm summer weather and take some time to do some shooting.  Fall is here, and to me, that means lots of hunting opportunities around Wisconsin to enjoy’

Last year the board made a few changes to the membership requirements.  While the dues remained the same $50 as they have for many years now, we asked for some additional help.  We have asked every member at the club for 4 hours of labor throughout the year.  As our club continues to grow, there are more projects and help needed in order to keep the facilities clean, safe, and updated for our members.  Although we can provide you with ideas and projects, it is your responsibility as a member to get your work hours in and get signed off in the books and on your membership cards.  Any one of our 15 board members can assist you with this.  If you are unable to find 4 hours to help out during the year, there is another option.  An additional $50 will cover the requirement.  

A club of this size can not be run with the same few people doing all the work.  Most other clubs have a work requirement and most charge way more for membership than we do.

Honestly, we just need more help.  

Shane Marquardt


We had a great response to our fall league. We got 22 kids registered and have begun our competition. After the first week we are in second place in our conference. Our kids are showing great progress even from the spring season. We also have 3 or 4 new shooters. The fall season is a good place for new shooters to begin. Without the State or National shoot as pressure, we can just work on the fundamentals. We already have a couple of kids who have gone from 6 or 8 broken targets to 12,14, or even 16. Absolutely great progress in 3 weeks. We always invite members to stop and watch us shoot. Remember, this is the future of the club. Enjoy the fall season and shoot straight.  Bill Voight           

Summer Trap Leagues

We had eight teams compete this summer with Weyh Welding taking top spot.  Here are how the other teams scored:

  1. Weyh Welding  - High Gun Jim Brancel
  2. Legends – High Gun Tom Coleman
  3. Rileys -  High Gun Ken Moninski
  4. Has Beens – High Gun Bill Voight
  5. Double Bill – High Gun Woody Steinhoff
  6. Zinke Dray Line – High Gun Bill Voight
  7. Hooper 2 -  High Gun Logan Deaton
  8. Hooper 1 – High Gun Troy Bartz

Men’s High Gun – Tom Coleman

Fun Day

August 3rd was our first Fun Day event.  Many came out for a fun day of Trap Shooting, raffles and great food.  Plans are in the works for next year… keep your eyes open for news of this event returning next summer.


  1. Gun Show:  This weekend October 12 & 13!  

Don’t miss out on a chance to win one of these great guns!

  1. Reminder:  Every member is required to work four hours during the year to help keep membership costs down and to help keep the club running smoothly.  Included in this newsletter is a list of things you can do to help out with to get your hours in.  Remember to have a Board Member sign the back of your membership card when you complete work some or all of your hours to receive credit.  Those not wishing to work or not completing the four hours will be charged an additional $50.00 upon renewal for 2020.  
  2. Club Hours:  The clubhouse is open from 12pm -  3pm on Saturdays Only during Winter months.
  3. Clubhouse Rental:  The rental agreement has been updated recently.  Please see the website for additional information on renting the clubhouse.

Calendar Events

October 12 & 13 – GUN SHOW

Board Meetings:  October 21st, November 18th, December 16.

Members and potential members are welcome to attend.  Meetings start at 6pm.

See the website for other events happening at the club.

Here is a partial list of some of the projects that need attention.

  1. Quad County Shoots         10/27/2019, 01/12/2020, 03/22/2020 )
  2. October 12th and 13th is the 2019 fall gun show
  1. We will need setup and tear down, check in, and ticket sales help.
  1. Rifle sight in volunteers to assist members with shooting
  2. We need volunteers to clean the bathrooms/floors
  3. Pistol and rifle ranges need clean up of trash and leftover targets
  4. Trash cans on the ranges need to be emptied
  5. External door & frame to the storage room need painting
  6. Repair warehouse roof with patch and seal
  7. Lights to be installed on the skeet range
  8. Driveway gate and lock installation
  9. Straighten poles on skeet range
  10. Pistol range brass canister
  11. Install Surveillance system on grounds
  12. Trim trees along driveway
  13. Edge sidewalks on trap range and around clubhouse
  14. Trim brush and trees below trap 1
  15. Pistol range roof and new pistol range benches
  16. Pistol bay drainage and cut stump flat in bay #4
  17. Rifle building sound insulation
  18. Rifle range design and upgrades including target stands
  19. Rifle range fence – handicap parking and range re-design

Board of Directors Contact Information

Shane Marquardt (President)

608 697 3564

LeRoy Welter             (Vice President)

  608 234 0607

Jeana Welter (Secretary)

608 354 1188

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)

608 981 2582

Troy Bartz

608 279 9362

Woody Steinhoff

813 517 9817

Larry Lietz

863 517 1280

Dan Denzer

390 394 3265

Bill Voigt

608 547 2578

Barb Calkins

608 617 5567

Jeremy Peterson

608 588 5998

Steve Strand

920 344 3142

Jim Hinickle

608 742 8258

Bob Corning

608 617 8388

Open Position