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Old Town Players

SPOTLIGHT Newsletter

October 2017

COMING UP: Of Mice & Men

By John Steinbeck

Sponsor: Dumes, Inc.

       October 20-21-22 & 27-28-29, 2017

       Fridays & Saturdays 7:00 PM, Sundays 3:00 PM

Meet the Cast

Of Mice & Men

Mark Your Calendar!

George - Zane Grogan

Lenny - Justin Dawson

Curley’s Wife - Ellie Marley

Slim - Brayton Ruggles

Candy - Mark Kratzner

Crooks - Ronnie Baize

Curley - Bill Simmons

Carlson - Christopher Buckles

Whit - Madi Loudermilk

The Boss - Ronnie Baize

The Grunch


Auditions: Oct. 23-24, 6:00 PM

Shows: Dec. 8-9-10 & 15-16-17

Sponsor: Edward Jones/Dave Skinner


Rex's Exes


Auditions: March 5-6, 6:00 PM

Shows: April 20-21-22 & 27-28-29

Sponsor: Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


Auditions: April 16-17, 6:00 PM

Shows: June 15-16-17 & 22-23-24

Sponsor: McCormick Family Foundation

Find audition details on our website:

AUDITIONS for The Grunch

Oct. 23 & 24, 6:00 PM

Children/Teens, Grades 2 - 12

Prepare a vocal solo that highlights your singing ability

and bring an accompaniment CD, or sing a capella.

Director: Kathy Mooney

The Role of Stage Makeup in Theatre By Kailey Collier

I’m a self-taught special effects makeup artist and recently created The Beast for OTP’s 2017 Summer Musical, The Enchantment of Beauty and the Beast. Hours of sculpting and working with performer Nathan Martinson helped ensure that everything came out almost perfect.


There’s a bit of stress in making a prosthetic. Some things to consider are making sure he isn't allergic to any of the products being used, making sure he's okay being uncomfortably close to a stranger with chemicals near his face, spending hours in clay sculpting to the exact replica of his facial structure, and staying awake for countless hours to actually make the prosthetic.

As I worked on his face, Nathan seemed to enjoy our conversations and being pampered. The most important part of the application - and the de-construction afterward - was that Nathan was comfortable. It is nerve wracking to have someone else's skin in your hands, knowing that something could be damaged if not taken care of properly.

 The processes of application and deconstruction are time consuming. Our Beast and I arrived about 2 hours early for every show to make sure he was in costume and in my chair in time. We normally weren't finished until about 10 minutes before show time. Then, once the show was over, Nathan sat for another 30 minutes while I removed the prosthetic and the body paint from his face and neck. All in all the process of creating The Beast, including making the prosthetic, took about 5.5 hours.

Nathan was amazing as The Beast, and the prosthetics and makeup contributed so much to bringing his wonderful and emotional character the stage.

The makeup adds surrealism to make the character we know on paper to come to life. When you’re able to see an almost terrifying beast step out on stage, it makes your heart skip a little bit. Our director, Vickie Puffer, gasped and even shed a few happy tears when she saw The Beast’s head lift up in the first scene.


From FBC to OTP

The Old Town Players Theatre & Arts Center originally served as the home of the First Baptist Church, constructed in 1913 with architectural services provided by Thomas Campbell and Louis Osterhage. Designed in the Classic Revival style, the building was characterized by a temple front with large stone pillars and a triangular pediment. It also features a large central dome.

First Baptist Church - historical.jpg

FB cover, updated 2016 12-13.jpg

The structure was originally accessed by a long flight of steps. In 1964, in an effort to increase accessibility, the front of the structure was remodeled to offer street-level access and a balustrade platform.

With generous financial support from the greater Vincennes Community and Historic Landmarks Indiana, OTP acquired the building in 1996, after the FBC congregation constructed a new church on Wabash Avenue.

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