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1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes that members of the administrative staff do enjoy private lives and may associate with others outside of school for economic, religious, cultural or personal reasons. However, the Board has a responsibility to evaluate administrators in terms of their effectiveness in discharging assigned duties and responsibilities.

2.        Authority

Therefore, when nonschool activities impact upon an administrator's effectiveness within the school system, the Board reserves the right to evaluate the effect of such activities upon the individual's completion of responsibilities to the students and to the District's programs.

The Board does not endorse, support, nor assume liability for any District staff member who conducts nonschool, outside activities in which District students or employees may participate.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall disseminate guidelines so that administrators may avoid situations in which personal interests, activities, and associations may conflict with the discharge of their assigned duties.

4.        Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for the direction of administrators:

  1. Do not utilize school material for personal gain. Copyrights to materials or equipment developed, processed, or tested by District employees in the performance of District activities in fulfillment of the terms of their employment reside with and may be claimed by the District.

  1. Do not use school property or school time to solicit or accept customers for private enterprises.

  1. Do not use school time for outside activities when there is no valid reason to be excused from assigned duties.

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