Hanging Basket

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4 stitches and 6 rows over 2 inches. (Gage not necessary, but I put it in case you want the exact size of the sample)



With needles cast on 5 sts in the round. Join.

1. Inc in each st [10 sts].

2. Knit.

3. Inc in each st [20 sts].

4. Knit.

5. (K1, Inc) x10 [30 sts].

6. Knit.

7. (K2, Inc) x10 [40 sts].

8. Knit.

9. (K3, Inc) x10 [50 sts].

10-13. Knit for 4 rows.

14. (K4, Inc) x10 [60 sts].

15-22. Knit for 8 rows.

23. K15, K30, YF, sl1 st, YB, turn. P30, YB, sl1 st, YF, turn. K45.

        (NOTE: as you knit back across where you slipped and turned yoru work, it’s best to pick up the wrapped stitches, and knit it together with the current stitch. See images below. You will do this for all wrapped stitches.  Here is a video to help you with short rows: Short Rows 101 by CraftyBunny).

24. Knit.

25. Same as 23.

26. Knit.

27. Same as 23.

28. Knit.

29. K15, K2tog 15 times (decrease over 30 sts), K15.

30. Knit.

Use an iCord cast off to make a pretty edging.  


CO 3 sts, and make an iCord until desired length. Video Help: I-Cord Bind off for my Hanging Basket by CraftyBunny



Hanging Basket

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