Dear Mr. Packer and members of the Board of Governance,

My name is Nathan Boegel. I am a Junior High Social Studies teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been teaching Junior High for 18 years. Most of those years I have taught Social Studies.

Our students who pursue this course deserve as complete an understanding of the world as we can provide them. As history teachers, we understand the complexities that a school year can bring to a student population; but here is the reality:


It always has been. We as teachers color the background. We shade and tint and create volume. But our students, they give that story depth and reality and truth. And most importantly they give it presence.

They cannot do that without as much of that background and shading and tint and volume as we can give them. If we just present a blank white background, then they will have so little to work with.

Thank you for your time,

Nathan Boegel