YouTube adverts 101

Welcome to season 2 of business unplugged.



This is a startling amount, given that TV ads average around 45 percent.

But first - The generation game

Here’s 30  images, im gonna give you 15 seoconds to memorise as many of these things as possible, 15 seonds is aparanlty how quickly people click off a webiste on average, i have issues with that stat but for the sake of the game, lets go.


  1. What are they?

WHy did we do this. 14 times to remember a brand , Awareness, recognition and recall.

2. Why -

3. Who should do them?

4. Targeting part 1 - Placements

5. Targeting part 2. Audience

6. Targeting part 3 - Remarketing - Brand recognition

6. Conversions

7. But isnt it annoying? The quiz with no name

Im going to show you some brands who use this a lot who probably show them to you as well, lets see if you can recognise what they do, maybe their vales and vision etc just from YT thier logo

Square space


John pemberton

If you dont, someone will.

Set up how often your audience see it

The video

Give it a try.

Competition time,

Want us to give your YouTube channel an audit? We’ll look at your goals, what youre currenlty doing and then give you a tonne of tips on growing it, catch is, we’ll do it live so other people can learn too.