How an Innovation Partnership benefits Entrepreneurs & Innovators

We know what it takes to get a new Venture off the ground.  We’ve been investors and operators in startups, so we know what it takes to build a business from scratch.  Fierce determination, bold ambition and willingness to go after hard challenges. When we find it, we don’t hesitate to give Entrepreneurs and Innovators the backing they need to succeed.  We know how high the highs can be and also the pain when things get tough. We’ll challenge you every step of the way, but we’ll also be there to support you. We’ll give our blood, sweat and tears to help you succeed, because we believe in creating value for society, but are also mindful of the negative consequences of economic activity.   If you share our values then we have the expertise, networks and resources and are happy to roll up our sleeves to help you get things done.  With an Innovation Partnership in your corner you’ll have greater leverage and support.  We’ve done it before and we do whatever it takes to help you succeed.