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QCMYC - Sailing Instructions-2
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DNC=Did Not Compete

DNS=Did Not Start

DNF=Did Not Finish


OCS=On Course Side

FOC=Finish On Course

  1.  Changes to the Sailing Instructions may be posted via e-mail to Members to take effect the next race date.
  2.  Oral changes may be given to competitors provided that all competitors affected are notified.  
  1. RULES
  1. Racing is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2021-2024 and Appendix E - Radio Sailing Racing Rules.
  2. Rule 30.1 “I” Flag – Around the Ends - is in effect.  OCS after the One Minute Start sequence begins requires around the ends to complete the start sequence.  Over early requires around the ends to restart.
  3. Rule 31 -Touching A Mark- is NOT in effect.  Boats may touch a Mark of the course (other than a Start or Finish Mark when starting or finishing) without penalty.


4.1  Competitors must be a current Member of QCMYC.  

4.2  The following class boats are allowed to race: Seawind, DF95 and Soling.

4.3  Boats must meet all standards of their class.

  1. RACE MANAGEMENT: The Race Director (RD) shall be in charge of all Race Day activities, to include: Start, Finish, Protests, Postponements and Holds.

  1.  Saturday and Wednesday will each be a race day and will be scored.

  1.  The One-Minute starting sequence will be used.
  2.  OCS after the start sequence has begun requires around the end to complete the start sequence.
  3.  Over early requires around the end to restart.  No dip starts allowed.
  4.  Over early is the call of the RD.  It is the RD’s and skipper’s responsibility to position themselves such that they can observe the start line.
  5.  After a boat has finished, they will not re-cross the Finish line from either side.
  6.  Penalty for breaking Rule 23.1 (A boat not racing shall not interfere with a boat that is racing.) after finishing, will be a DSQ for that race

  1. HOLDS
  1.  There will be a hold after the 3rd race, to allow for adjustments.
  2.  Holds can only be called by the RD, but can be requested by a skipper.

  1.  A Race day will be a maximum of 10 races..
  2. Time allotted for racing is from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.  No race shall start after 12:30.
  3.  In light air it is the RD’s discretion to cancel a race or racing.

  1.  Any on course penalty requires a one 360 degree turn, taken before the next mark.
  2.  Rule E4.3(b) The offending skipper shall not obtain an advantage as a result of the infraction.  Multiple penalty turns are required until that advantage is lost.

  1.  The Low Point Scoring System, as specified in Appendix A of RRS, will be used.
  2. There will be 1 discard for every 5 races.
  3. DNF & DNS will be scored as a last place.  DSQ will be scored as a last place +1.

  1. REDRESS:  Is defined as a foul resulting in a disabled boat, which is unable to complete the race.  The infringing boat shall retire from the race and be scored a zero.  The offended skipper can request Redress from the RD.  If granted, redress will be the average of four races, from races before or after the race when the incident occurred.

  1.  The RD has complete control over all protests.
  2.  A skipper who believes he has been fouled shall call out his boat’s sail number and then the offending boat’s sail number, clearly, one digit at a time and then state the nature of the foul.
  3.  If the foul cannot be resolved before the next mark, all discussion shall cease and the incident goes to Protest.  If the discussion continues after the next mark rounding, the RD will assess a minus one point penalty to both skippers.
  4.  The protest shall be heard, by the RD, immediately after the conclusion of the race.


15.1  Minimum temperature for the Winter Series will be 38 degrees at 10:00 am.  The QCMYC Weather Tab will be the official source of this temperature forecast.

  1.  An award will be given to the First, Second and Third place finishers of each Series.

  1. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY:  Competitors participate in the Racing Series entirely at their own risk.  QCMYC will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after racing competition.

  1. SPORTSMANSHIP and CORINTHIAN SPIRIT: Remember that we are always in friendly competition.