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+Google Classroom - Students
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Google Classroom is designed to help teachers and students communicate and collaborate, manage assignments, and stay organized.
Follow along to get started.

First Visit

Go to

The very first time you visit the Google

Classroom website you will see this screen.

Click Go to Classroom


You will be prompted to login with your school email and password.

Note: This must be your FCPS email and password and not a personal account. Please check with your teacher if you do not know your email and password.

Select Your Role

Click on I’m a Student.
Click on Get Started.

Access Google Classroom

There are two ways to access Classroom - Pick one:

  1. Visit

  1. Through your Google Drive menu (waffle), click on Classroom.  

Join my Teacher’s Google Classroom

If your teacher shared a code with you, click the plus sign +  in the top right corner. Click Join and enter the code.


If your teacher invited you, you will see a class card when you open Google Classroom. You should click the blue

Join button.


Announcements from your Teacher

Announcements from your teacher will be found on the Stream when you first open Classroom. Look carefully because this is important information your teacher needs you to know. Some of your teachers may allow you to click on reply and ask questions. If so, make sure your comment is nice and helpful to others.

Note: You may see assignments on the stream with due dates. If so, it is better to keep up with these on the Classwork page.

Assignments/Materials from your Teacher

Click on the Classwork tab at the top of the page. This page will show you assignments, questions, quizzes and materials posted by your teacher.

Topics are ways your teacher may organize assignments and materials. See how they all appear on the left hand side? When you click on a topic, it will show you everything under that specific label. Click All Topics to display them all again.

You can click View Your Work to see a list of all of your work. You can check grades, review assignments and due dates, and see any work that may need to be finished.

Opening Assignments & Materials

Click on the name of an assignment and the

instructions will appear below.

Click on View Assignment to open it, see other files your teacher may include, and start working.

Completing Assignments & Materials

Click to open any items your teacher may add. Sometimes they will let you read/see a document while other times they will ask you to type directly onto it.

When you are finished, click on Mark as Done.

Answering a Question

Questions will appear on the Classwork page with a question mark icon. Click on the question to open it and then click on View Question.

Find the box on the right that says Your Answer to type your response. When finished, click Turn In.

Add or Create Material

Your teacher may ask you to create and submit your own document. Click +Add or Create to attach your own file (docs, pictures,

etc.) or create a new Google Doc, Sheet, Slide, or Drawing. Click Mark As Done to submit your assignment.

You can also add a private comment to your teacher about this assignment on the right side.

Emailing Teachers

The email function in Classroom does not work for students and staff in our district. If students or parents need to contact their teachers, they should email them in Office365 or use another email platform.