Northern Star Online Syllabus

Course Outline

Title: Chinese 4

Credits: .25; .33; .5

Pre-requisites: NSO Chinese 1-3 or equivalent

Course Number:

Course Description:

This course is the first of a two-semester sequence Chinese. It consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson includes 10-20 learning steps. It is important to keep the steps in order. They are aimed at introducing new sentence structures and grammar. The main purposes of the exercises followed by each step are to reinforce students’ understanding and mastery of the materials they learned in the textbook. Students are expected to spend five to seven hours per week on this course.


Course Goals and Objectives:

Upon the completion of the course, the learners should be able to acquire the following skills:

  • Pronunciation:  Accurate pronunciation of all Chinese sounds and all the words and characters learned in this semester.
  • Listening: Ability to understand everyday Chinese on the topics covered in and relevant to the textbook.
  •  Grammar:  Correct use of grammatical patterns introduced in Level 2, Part 1 of Integrated Chinese (see below – Required Texts).
  •  Reading:  Ability to understand and read aloud correctly texts in both Pinyin and Mandarin characters covered in Level 2 Part 1 of Integrated Chinese and understand reading materials with the characters they have learned. 
  • Conversation:  Ability to converse in Mandarin on subject matters covered in Level 2 Part 1 of Integrated Chinese.

Topic Outline:  

Lesson 1 Starting school

Lesson 2 Living situations, moving

Lesson 3 Culinary styles in China, cooking

Lesson 4 Bargaining, shopping, banking  

Lesson 5 Education, educational systems

Required books and/or educational materials [if any]:

Integrated Chinese (Simplified Character Edition, 3nd Edition) Level 2, Part 1 in two volumes (Textbook,  Workbook) edited by Tao-chung Yao, YuehuaLiu, et al.  (Cheng & Tsui Company, 2008). 

Minimum Technical Requirements: 


  • A Macintosh computer running OS 10 or higher, or a PC-compatible computer, Pentium II (266 MHz) or better, running Windows XP or higher;
  • Microphone and speakers (or headset) providing Audio In and Out capability;
  • Internet connection (56K modem, cable modem, or DSL) 2 GB of installed RAM (more RAM is strongly recommended on both platforms);
  • Hard disk space for downloading files and work in progress.


  • QuickTime v10.0 or higher -- required for displaying multimedia Web content. A free version of QT can be downloaded from Apple;
  • Flash Player -- may be needed for some multimedia Web content. The latest version of the Player can be downloaded from Macromedia;
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher -- useful for viewing many of the course documents. The Reader is a free download from Adobe;
  • Web browser -- Firefox v5.0 or higher, Chrome v12 or higher, Internet Explorer v8 or higher; can also be used to access online course materials. It is possible that under some conditions, browsers other than Firefox may not provide full functionality.

We cannot guarantee that your particular configuration of hardware and software will work in all instances.
Other software --

  • A word-processing program compatible with instructor preferences (i.e. Google Docs, Open Office or Microsoft Word);
  • Additional appropriate plug-ins for your browser may be required by individual assignments or content. Typically your browser will inform you when a plug-in is needed and prompt a download.
  • Students will also require access to a personal email account. Gmail is a free service that comes with a Google Apps account that allows users to create and edit Microsoft Word Programs, as well as PowerPoint presentations and access additional course content.
  • Please visit this page to determine if you will be able to access course content:

Final Exam (date, time and location if one is scheduled):

Not scheduled

Extra Credit Options [if any]:

According to class, students, time and other class situation

Assessment of Student Work

Grading Policy

Steady continual progress is imperative for the successful completion of an online course. Regular participation and communication are required. Students not in regular contact with instructor with the will be warned. Subsequent warnings will involve parent/counselor notification. Inactivity for 21 days without contact with the program will result in withdrawal from the course.

You will be graded as follows:

To continue to the next level of language study, a student must earn a grade of at least a C.  If a student earns less than a C, the student should REPEAT that class before continuing on in the sequence (unless the teacher recommends advancement due to extenuating circumstances).          

Grades are weighted in the following manner:

Each Lesson worth 25% of your final grade.


Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Min Percent























Assignments, quizzes:

Required class works and assessments (assignments, quizzes, exams) associated with each box must be all be completed in order.


Class Participation: Click for Chat Guidelines

Class participation grades build up on the high quality of your attendance. It is an online course but participation is 20% of your grade. If a situations arise that interfere with your ability to fulfill this expectation, please talk to me.


Meetings with your teacher depending on your teachers schedule and class size. Usually one, twenty minute session a week or every other week, and will be graded on your class participation category.


Policy for Missed Exams and Late Assignments:

Please see NSO Policy for Late Assignments: 

Policy for Addressing Academic Dishonesty:

Please see NSO Policy for Academic Dishonesty: 

Minnesota Academic Standards Alignment

State Standards [if applicable]

National Standards [if applicable]

Course Instructor and Communications

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