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Alison Clark

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19 June, 2018

Dear Mr Hogg

RE: Participation Request on Community Planning

Thank you for your participation request which was received by the Council on 10 May 2018.  As the main focus of the request was community planning, the Council determined that the assessment had to involve our other core community planning partners, who are equally tasked with leading on community planning.

Following discussions with the partners it was unanimously agreed that the request does not constitute a participation request.  A participation request, as prescribed in the regulations, is a request from a community group to have a discussion with a public body around a particular issue or topic that would result in an improvement to that area of service; an improvement of an outcome.  The request clearly needs to outline what the group wants to improve, what improvement they want to see and what they can bring to the process.

Your request states that you want to improve the outcomes set out in the Highland Outcome Improvement Plan.  The request sets out a number of issues and concerns which your organisation has related to community planning in general, however you need to say what you believe your Community Council can do to improve the outcomes set out in the Highland Outcome Improvement Plan which are designed and focused on reducing inequality.  You also need to clearly set out exactly what improvement you wish to see in these outcomes as a result of your involvement which you have not done. 

Although the request does not meet the criteria required to constitute a participation request, the partners recognise that there are genuine concerns and feel that it would be helpful and important to have a dialogue regarding community planning, with the hope of promoting better understanding of the different issues and perspectives.  We would also hope to better understand how Community Councils in Nairn and Nairnshire believe they could offer support to improve the community planning process. 

As a result, the Community Planning Partners would like to offer the opportunity to meet with the Chairs and Secretaries of each of the 5 Nairnshire Community Councils. At this meeting we would hope to clarify current roles and responsibilities  and discuss the best way forward for all appropriate parties to work together to improve outcomes for Nairn, Nairnshire and it’s residents.  An invitation will be circulated shortly with the intention of meeting following your summer recess.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries

Yours sincerely

Alison Clark

Acting Head of Policy

Highland Council

On behalf of Highland Community Planning Partners


Cllr. Tom Heggie

Cllr. Liz MacDonald

Cllr. Laurie Fraser

Cllr. Peter Saggers

Ch. Insp. Bob MacKay, Police Scotland, Chair Nairn & Nairnshire Community Partnership

Alistair MacMillan, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Ros Philip, NHS Highland

Grant Inkson, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Liz Cowie, Highland Council