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How do you bridge the divide between how elected officials vote and what their constituents want? Let people speak directly to power. Movement.Digital makes the creation, signing, and sharing of petitions simpler than ever. All you have to do is create an email template and specify the email recipients. We create a special url for you to share. When the url is clicked by those wishing to sign the petition, the email template directly opens in their email app on their phone or desktop. When they click send, the email is sent to your specified recipients. With Movement.Digital, your petition can put necessary pressure on elected officials by making it easy for thousands of people to send an email within seconds.

How it’s done:

Identify recipients

Create petition

Share on social media


Kalamazoo Commissioner Stephanie Moore mobilized community support for two proclamations on racism as a public health crisis and demanding an end to police brutality.


"Kalamazoo’s black community makes up roughly 12% of the population, black patients make up 32% of positive cases. The virus is also disproportionately killing black patients.

Before the vote, Moore stated that while she was tired of explaining racism she appreciated her colleagues for metaphorically “chopping wood and carrying water” in support of communities of color.

“It’s absolutely time for all of us to listen and to hear the voices,” Commissioner Meredith Place said. “Not only the voices in the street but the voices in our inboxes saying do something now. Let’s do something tonight.”

Commissioners John Gisler and Roger Tuinier, the two Republicans on the board, said they felt rushed and were not comfortable with voting on the resolution." - Michigan Live

Step 1

Identify Recipients

List the email addresses of the officials or organizations you would like this petition to address

Step 2

Create a petition

Create a subject line

Create email body template

To legitimize each email, allow each sender to insert their name and address by typing


Step 3

Share on social media

Share you link widely on all suitable social media platforms! This helps spread the word to people outside of your circle.


Step 4

People click on link and customize email

Whoever clicks on the link will be automatically directed to their email app with the template ready to go! Here is an example of what your link will look like. The highlighted section will change to your petition name.

When the link above is clicked, this opens up in email app. All the sender has to do is insert their name in this case, and send!


Take away

Outrage is a terrible thing to waste. Harness it with petitions and build your own contact list at the same time.

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