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Mrs. Melissa Irwin


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Google Classroom code: zx3ohy (Period 3) and knpgqp1 (Period 5)

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Creative Writing class involves short spontaneous exercises and longer assignments used to motivate, and refine, students´ writing. Focus is on building a writer’s toolbox in order to write a short story, among other genres. Students will study short stories as character pieces, look at different genres of short stories (including drama, comedy, sci-fi, and even autobiographical stories), and create a short stories/poems of their own.  There will be extensive focus on the writing process, with students creating many prewriting pieces (such as point of view, conflict, setting descriptions, and plot outlines), rough drafts, and  final published drafts.  Students will also have at least two days to self/ peer review in class and obtain feedback on each of their rough drafts.  Lessons on grammar will be integrated into the process as well. Exercises will be done both collaboratively and individually using workshops in class.

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