Library Board Meeting

November 13, 2018

Present:  Rita Ennen, Johnna Douthit, April Frank, Paula Martin, Nikki Wolla, and special guest Carl F. W. Larson.

Special Guest:  

Carl F. W. Larson made a presentation to the board of his extensive automotive history archives.  

Review of Minutes:  Motion to Approve by Johnna and seconded by April

Approval of Expenditures:  Motion to approve by April and seconded by Johnna

Financial Report:  Actual expenses thru October were presented for review

Director’s Report:

Unfinished Business:

  1. Architect drafts and progress
  1. Updated library renderings were distributed with two different concepts on the greenspace outside the building.
  2. Public forums for comment may be scheduled for as soon as January.
  3. The library expansion is on the City Commission agenda for the December 4th meeting at City Hall at 4:30 p.m.  Board member support at the meeting would be welcome.
  1. Peanut Free Policy
  1. Legal review of the policy brought to the board by library staff member Jade last meeting was completed and presented to the board.
  2. After a lengthy discussion of the merit of the policy, impact to library staff, public use of the space and burden of enforcement on the public by staff the board suggested a peanut/ tree nut free policy for children’s programs only but not for the rest of the library events, staff lunches or public use of the space.
  3. The board wants to ensure the suggested change would be positively received by the staff and asked Rita to present the board’s suggestion at the next staff meeting for comment.
  4. The board will table voting on the policy until Rita is able to report back.
  1. Water billing issues
  1. The large increase in the water bill was determined to be due to the sprinkler system on the parking lot across the street from the library.
  2. The sprinkler system has been shut-off and will not be turned on next year because the vegetation is mature enough to not require watering.

New Business:

  1. Old Fashioned Christmas
  1. The Library Foundation’s 5th Annual Old Fashioned Christmas will be held December 7th at 6 pm- 9 pm.  
  2. Tickets are on sale now for $20 each.
  3. Posters were distributed to board members to publicize.
  1. Friends Meet ‘n Greet
  1. The Friends of the Library are hosting a Meet ‘n Greet event on November 15th from 6-7 p.m.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by April and seconded by Johnna.  Meeting adjourned.

Minutes submitted by April Frank.