Discovery of Water

4 Oxymites

4 Hydromites

2 Heliumites

2 Calciumites

3 H2Oers Slippers

3 H2Oer Constructor

1 H2Oers Hydro-back

1 H2Oer Oxy-turn

1 Limer Grower

3 Water Gainer

1 H2Oers Spiller

1 H2oers Dropletter

1 H2Oers Clouder

2 Element Burst

2 Compound burst

2 Laboratory Construction

2 Air Bubbles

2 Hydroblast

2 Heated Helium

1 Elementary

2 Research Evolution

2 Automatic Discovery

1 H2O Assembly

2 Stopper Projects

2 Reaction Build-up

1 Alchemist Burst

1 Chemical Reaction


1 Dy-H2Oers Generator

1 Dy-H2Oers Drainer

1 Dy-H2Oers Dripper


H2Oers Spiller

Rare Alchemy
H2O Compounder

When you create a(n) Hydromite or Oxymite, you can create the other at the appropriate stage to create 1 compounder in your hand (reveal that compounder first).

Disclosed:2100                Classified:1200

H2Oers Dropletter

Rare Alchemy

H2O Compounder

When created, you can start the research on “H2O assembly” from your resources, then create one hydromite or oxymite from your hand.

Disclosed:1400                Classified:1700

H20ers Clouder

Rare Alchemy

H2O Compounder

If you create this while controlling a “H2Oers” compounder, you can recreate 1 “H2Oers” compounder, and you must create a discovery by the end of the turn, or lose funds equal to the amount of compounders you control times 2000.

Disclosed:800                Classified:1900

Dy-H2Oers Generator

Advanced Alchemy

Discovery: H2O Compounder

3 “H2Oers” Compounders

If you control “H2O assembly”, you can create 1 “H2Oers” compounder from your hand. If a “H2Oers” compounder would be discarded by an ability of an opponent’s possession, you can send 1 “H2Oers” compounder from your hand to the discarded waste instead. Increase the disclosed points of each compounder you control by 200 per “H2Oers” compounder. You can control only one “H2Oers Generator.”

Disclosed:1800        Classified:2900

Dy-H2Oers Dripper

Advanced Alchemy

Discovery: H2O Compounder

2 “H2Oers” Compounders

If you create a compounder while you this discovered card, you can use this compounder as two H2O compounders for a discovery this turn. (even if you don’t have 10 discovered points) You need to have at least 5 discovered points to activate this ability. You can pay 2000 funds,  this compounder can attack twice this turn.

Disclosed:2200        Classified:2200

Dy-H2Oers Drainer

Advanced Alchemy

Discovery: H2O Compounder

2 H2O compounders, including one “H2Oers” compounder

While in the lab, this discovered card can use 1 of these abilities per turn, but cannot reuse any of them.

If you have less funds than your opponent, you can increase the disclosed points of this card by 1000. If your opponent has more creations than you do, you can discard one compounder or elemite your opponent controls. If your opponent has more research or reaction than you do, you can discard one of your opponent’s reactions or researches.

At the start of the turn, if you have used all the abilities on this card, discard this card.

Disclosed:1800        Classified:1500