2020 Go Fast Racing League Rule Book Version 1.1

Released: 1/8/2020

Revised: 1/9/2020 - Amended restart rule, corrected math for provisional points, placed clarification on league affiliation, and various grammar errors.

Effective: 1/8/2020


Please keep in mind that it is hard to come up with all the rules that are needed to effectively run a league. Rules are subject to change without notice. Anyone entering a Go Fast Racing League race, are assumed to have read and agreed to these rules.

The hierarchy of Go Fast Racing League: League Owners: Skyler Allen & Jeff Schmidt

League Founder: Skyler Allen

All media and sponsorship inquiries should be sent to Skyler Allen.

Section One: Overview

1.1  iRacing Sporting Code

1.1.1      The iRacing Sporting Code is use and enforced. All sporting code policies and procedures are enforced, unless otherwise covered under this Rule Book. Before reading this rule book you should be fluent in the iRacing Sporting Code, and understand the penalties that the simulation enforces.

1.2  League Affiliation

1.2.1      Please understand that any statement, comment, or opinion expressed by a Go Fast Racing League Driver and/or Team, is strictly that. Their opinion, comment, or statement. The league has no affiliation with any driver and/or team, and will not interfere with a driver’s ability to race with a specific team so long as the actions of the driver or team do not shine a negative light on the league.

1.3  League Vision

1.3.1      Go Fast Racing League strives to be the best league racing on the iRacing Simulation. A league is only as good as its drivers. Our drivers have shown in the past a willingness to help their competitor to help elevate the racing in the league. It is every drivers responsibility to protect the integrity and image of Go Fast Racing League.

Section Two: Racing Rules

2.1  Clean Racing

2.1.1 Race cleanly at all times. No contact should occur on track, and as a driver it is your responsibility to avoid it from happening.          Penalty: Drivers who are consistently showing an inability to race cleanly will be sanctioned. Sanctions are as follows. First Sanction: Warning by League Admins. Second Sanction: Loss of 10 Driver points. Third Sanction: 1 race suspension. Subsequent Sanctions: Removal from the league.

2.2  Deliberate Crashing

2.2.1      Deliberately crashing into another car will result in being permanently excluded from the league. This includes crashes in retaliation.          Penalty: Drivers who are found to be in violation of rule 2.2, will receive the following sanctions. First Sanction: 2 race suspension and loss of 10 driver points. Subsequent sanctions: Removal from league.

2.3  Safe Overtaking

2.3.1      Do not be overly aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car it is generally your responsibility to initiate a clean pass and not make contact with the car in front of you.

2.4  Corner Cutting

2.4.1      Stay within the track boundaries at all times. Track boundaries are defined by iRacing and generally are clearly marked. If not marked, League Admins will dictate what is considered boundaries in the pre-race Drivers Meeting.          Penalty: First offense: Stop and Go Penalty. Second offense: 1 lap hold in pit lane. Subsequent offense: DQ from race, and evaluation for further sanctions.

2.5  Being Lapped

2.5.1       If you are being lapped by a faster car, you need to slow and let the car through safely at your earliest opportunity without blocking them. If you are going faster than a lead lap car, do not attempt to un-lap yourself unless it is safe to do so, and does not hinder the momentum of the car ahead.

2.6  Start and Restart Procedure

2.6.1      Initial Race Start On the initial start of the race the green flag starts the race. This means the leader, nor any other car may accelerate prior to the drop of the green flag. All drivers must maintain their place in line until past the start/finish line. All drivers must maintain a consistent speed as outlined in 3.1.2.

2.6.2      Restart Rule: On all restarts, the leader will have choice of when to restart. The restart zone is outlined as follows: From anytime the pace car starts to pull left, to the time the green flag drops. All drivers must maintain their place in line until past the start/finish line. All drivers must maintain a consistent speed as outlined in 3.1.2.

Section Three: On Track Regulations

3.1  Pre Race and Caution Guidelines

3.1.1      Deliberate Cautions: It is completely prohibited to crash your car in a race for the purpose of bringing out the caution.          First Sanction: Stop and Go Penalty. Second Sanction: DQ from race. Subsequent Sanctions: Removal From League.

3.1.2      Pacing          If you are the lead car behind the pace, make sure you do not slow the pack down to a ridiculously low speed when controlling pace ahead of a restart. Maintain a consistent distance to the car in front of you (ie. .2 to .3) If you are unable to maintain a pace speed due to a damaged race car, you must exit and tow.

3.1.3      Green/White/Checker:  Go Fast Racing will use the iRacing G/W/C feature, as permits, to make as many attempts to finish under green.

3.2  Connection and Lag          Lag During a Race: It's an unfortunate aspect of online racing that having a stable connection can be critical to being able to race closely with other cars. While we understand that not everyone can have perfect connections, and that occasional lag can't be avoided, we reserve the right to ask a driver to step down from the league if their connection is causing too many issues for other drivers.          Ping: To be accepted into a league, your connection's ping towards a US-located server needs to be reasonable. If after Qualifying, a majority of connected admins deem your ping unacceptable, you will be moved to the rear of the field, with the expectation you remain there until your connection stabilizes. Failure to do so can result in your removal from the event. Repeated offenses, could result in your removal from the league. If during the race, your ping is bad, you could be asked to move your car to the back to ensure safety of other drivers. Failure to do so could result in a black flag stop and go penalty.

3.3  Race Etiquette

3.3.1      Retaliation and after incident behavior:          If you are involved in an on-track incident, don't overreact. It may be frustrating, but you need to stay calm and get on with it. Losing out due to another driver's mistake or recklessness is no excuse for retaliation or acting against the rules.

3.3.2      Respect other drivers:          Respect the other drivers. Keep a friendly atmosphere in the race lobby and treat your fellow drivers as equals, regardless of them being quicker or slower than you.          Penalties: First Sanction: Stop and Go. Second Sanction: DQ From race. Subsequent sanction: 2 race suspension.

3.3.3      Respect for Admins:          Respect the League Admins. Listen if they are giving a message, and accept the decisions they make. If you feel any actions/decisions are wrong, address the issue calmly and maturely. Admins decisions are final.          Penalties: First Sanction: DQ. Second Sanction: Loss of 50 driver points. Subsequent sanction: Removal from the league.

3.3.4      General Attitude: If you are having a bad race, don't act foolishly. As a driver, you have to accept that some races will be better than others and you can't always have it your way. If you are unable to enjoy the racing due to not always being at the front, this is not the place for you - there are many drivers in the race, and someone always has to be at the back.

3.3.5      Disabled Vehicles:   At no time should a vehicle be used to push a disabled vehicle around the track, either to the pits or to the finish. Doing so will result in a black flag, if seen during the race. If discovered post race, you will be penalized to be the last car 1 more lap down than you finished. ie: Your on the lead lap and push teammate Joe Blow to the finish because he is disabled on track, and he is 1 lap down. You will be penalized points to finish the last car 1 lap down, and Joe Blow will be penalized to be the last car 2 laps down.

3.4  Pit Stop Procedure:

3.4.1       Pit Entry and Exit Stay within the white line when entering and exiting the pit lane. If you cause a dangerous situation by crossing the pit entrance or exit line, or if this is done in a way that blatantly gains time or track position, you will be penalized. Stay to the right of pit lane until close to your box. Do not drive through an excessive amount of pit stalls. (ie 3to 4 boxes). Exit to the far right of pit lane once safe. Merge back onto the track on the back stretch at all times. During practice, qualify, and race.

3.4.2      Pit Road commitment: Commitment to pit road You have until the commitment line to decide to pit. If you cross the commitment cone/line you must enter the pits. You can up until the commitment cone/line pull back onto the track. If you pull back onto the track, you are not allowed to reenter the pit line. You must wait until the next lap.

3.5  Practice Procedure

3.5.1      Practice: You must be connected to the server, within enough time to lay down, 20 incident free, consistent, safe laps, in practice. Drivers who connect late, or do not meet this requirement will be DQed and not race. This rule is revised to 10 laps at tracks with a distance of 2 miles or greater. This rule is not enforced on Road Courses. Failure to meet this requirement will result in an End of the Longest Line penalty, post qualifying.

 4   Section Four: Participation

4.1  Missing Races

4.1.1      Provisionals          If you are unable to attend a race, you are allowed to take a provisional. 3 free Provisionals are allowed in the full Nascar Seasons. If its a short season (15 or less races), only 2 Provisionals are allowed. If you have utilized your 3 free Provisionals, you can make a donation to the league for each additional provisional, in the amount of $5.00. Provisionals must be requested within 24 hours of race completion, or they will not be honored. All provisional request should be made via the form on the Go Fast Racing League website. Any provisional request received via Email, Facebook, iRacing, or any means not utilizing the form, will be ignored.       Provisional Point Amount: To put an emphasis on attendance, a provisional is worth last place points minus 10. So if the last place person in the event gets 30 points, then your provisional will be worth 20.

4.1.2      Substitute Drivers:           Sub drivers are not allowed. Due to the nature of iRacings Terms of Service, it is not acceptable to have someone else login using your account and race. Any one caught doing so will receive a DQ for that race, removal of points gained for that race, no provisional points, and a 3 race suspension, and the information turned over to iRacing.

4.1.3      The Chase:           To make the chase in any series, you must participate in at least 90% of the Regular season. (Example: If a season with chase has 26 regular season races, you must get points in 23 races.) Provisional races do count toward the participation requirements.          Provisionals in the Chase:       You are allotted 1 provisional per round of the chase in each series. If you miss a 2nd race, no provisional will be awarded and you are disqualified from advancing in the chase, regardless of wins.

4.2  Driver Age

4.2.1      Go Fast Racing Requires all drivers be 18. Any driver whom is suspected of being less than 18, will be asked to provide proof of age, and if unable to do so, will be removed.

4.3  Use of name, image, and likeness.

4.3.1      Use of name, image, likeness By participating in Go Fast Racing League, you consent to use of your name, car image, and any other likeness displayed in the race servers, on the website and social media platforms.

4.4  Driver Numbering System

4.4.1      Go Fast Racing Leagues assigns numbers on a first come first serve basis, via our sign up form. Driver numbers are released if a driver misses too many races during a season.\

5        Section Five: Qualify Procedure

5.1   All drivers connected to the race server who are going to race, MUST set a qualifying time. No exceptions. If you do not take a Qualifying Lap you will be black flagged under green for a stop and go.

5.1.1      Admins reserve the right to suspend this rule at any time.

6        Section Six: Communications

6.1  Driver Communications:

6.1.1      All Drivers should have a working microphone. This ensures that all drivers can can communicate. Certain exceptions will be made, for example, if you mic is broken and you have not had a chance to replace. Drivers suspected of not having a mic or having voice chat activated, will be given an opportunity to prove otherwise or will be removed.

6.1.2      GFRL provides a Teamspeak server for drivers to use. Drivers are expected to be connected to Teamspeak during all broadcast races. Same driver communications apply to Teamspeak as the iRacing voice chat.

6.1.3      Shouting, name-calling and generally speaking rudely is not acceptable. Drivers who are a disruptive influence on the lobby atmosphere will be penalized accordingly, or in extreme cases removed from the league.

6.2  Admin Communications

6.2.1      Admins will use iRacing Voice Chat to communicate with drivers.

7        Section Seven: Rule Violation and Penalties

7.1  iRacing Initiated penalties:

7.1.1      All iRacing penalties issued are not subject to appeal or overturn. If you are penalized by the sim, serve your penalty and move on. If you are assessed a penalty please serve and move on. Penalties will not be cleared.

7.2  Admin Initiated Penalties

7.2.1       . Admin penalties are also final. If you are assessed a penalty, please serve it and discuss with an admin post race. Penalties will not be cleared unless an admin inadvertently places the penalty on the wrong driver.

7.3  Admin Review

7.3.1      Admin Panel Admins can be emailed at admins@gofastracing.us          What can you make an admin inquiry for?       Racing Incidents: If you feel a driver has caused an incident, eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, or driving too aggressively - you should report this to the stewards for investigation.       Corner Cutting and Abusing Track Limits: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits, you should report this to the stewards for investigation.       Time Limit For requesting an Admin Review: Note that there is a time limit of 24 hours after the race has completed to make a stewards inquiry for an incident you have been involved in or witnessed during the race. If any new rule violations come to light through videos released after this time, it is still possible to report this, but only if this violation is something that was not visible to the other driver(s) in the race at the time it happened.

7.3.2      Admin Appeal           If you have received a penalty that you feel was too harsh, you can email admins@gofastracing.us with an appeal. Your appeal must contain why you feel you should not be penalized or the penalty was too harsh, as well as any video evidence. Once an appeal decision has been made, the results are final. Appeals panel can modify, substitute, and remove penalties. The appeals panel will never add to the penalty. Appeal must be made within 24 hours of announcement of penalties. This is the time stamp on the email or iRacing Private Message that you received.

7.4  Penalties

7.4.1         The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers if a rule has been broken, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity. Breaking a rule also leads to penalty - see further down for more details.      In Race Penalties

1 LAP Penalty

Qualifying Ban for the next race (applied in place of a time penalty if driver did not finish race. Please not a Qualify ban will not result in a penalty for not taking a Qualifying Lap.

DQ from Race

Permanent Removal from GFRL

Any Combination of these

One race or multiple race suspension              Points Penalty System

5 Points- May be given in addition to a warning for poor driving.

5 points- Abusive behavior towards other drivers

5 points - Causing a minor avoidable collision

5 - 15 points - Excessively abusing the track limits (depending upon severity)

50 points - Deliberately crashing into another driver

7.4.3      1 For each 5x accumulated in a race, you will be penalized 1 penalty point post race. This is a no fault system. Incidents points are not subject to removal by admins. This is not in effect in Non Points events and Road Courses.

7.4.4      Probation          Any driver who is sanctioned with any of the above penalties, will result in probation for 20 weeks.          All new drivers come in with 8 week probationary period.

7.4.5      Penalty Announcements and timing          Go Fast Racing Admins will, to the best of their abilities, announce any post race penalties by 7PM Eastern Time the Tuesday following the race weekend. Drivers who receive post race penalties will be notified via email, if GFR Admins have their Email. If no email is on file, a message will be sent thru iRacing Private Message.

7.4.6      Post Race Penalty Appeal: Follow guidelines in section 7.3.2

8        Section Eight: Point Scoring

8.1  Finishing Points

8.1.1      Finish points are given based off finishing position in a race as follows:

1st: 43                   11th: 33                 21st: 23                 31st: 13                 41st: 3

2nd: 42                  12th: 32                 22nd: 22                32nd: 12                42nd: 2

3rd: 41                  13th: 31                 23rd: 21                33rd: 11                43rd : 1

4th: 40                  14th: 30                 24th: 20                 34th: 10

5th: 39                  15th: 29                 25th: 19                 35th: 9

6th: 38                  16th: 28                 26th: 18                 36th: 8

7th: 37                  17th: 27                 27th: 17                 37th: 7

8th: 36                  18th: 26                 28th: 16                 38th: 6

9th: 35                  19th: 25                 29th: 15                 39th: 5

10th: 34                 20th: 24                 30th: 14                 40th: 4

8.2  Bonus Points

8.2.1      Bonus Points are awarded as follows:        

1 or more laps lead: 1 point

Lead Most Laps 1 point

Race Win 3 points

Finish the race 5 points

Finish with 0 inc 3 points

8.3  Chase Bonuses

8.3.1      Bonus Points are awarded in the Chase as follows:

Each Race Win in the Regular Season: 5 points

Each race ran during race season: 1 point

The same bonuses are applied each round of the chase.

9        Section Nine: Race Distance and Schedules

9.1  Race Schedules

9.1.1      Schedules are set by race admins, prior to the start of each season. Once set, they will not be changed.

9.2  Race Distance

9.2.1      For 2020, the race distance will be 200 miles or 200 laps, whichever comes first, except Daytona, Charlotte (oval), Darlington, or Talladega.

10   Section Ten: Race Setup and Weather

10.1               Race Server Setup

10.1.1    Admins will setup the races in advance, to launch at the proper time.

10.2               Race times

10.2.1    Servers will be set to launch at 8pm est for practice. At approx. 9 pm est, Qualifying will start. The race will start shortly after Qualifying.

10.3               Race Weather

10.3.1    The league will utilize the iRacing Dynamic Weather system

11   Section Eleven: Spotter/Crew Chief Behavior, Broadcast Behavior

11.1               Spotter/Crew Chief behavior: Spotters and crew chiefs are considered an extension of their drivers. If spotters violate the broadcast behavior rule, the driver could face points penalties, as well as spotter ejection from the race, and potential spotter/driver removal from the league

11.2               Social Media Behavior: Drivers are to conduct themselves in a professional manner, when utilizing Social Media to interact with the league. Failure to do so could result in suspension or removal from the league. Drivers should not engage in public arguments on GFR Social Media accounts. Drivers should not make comments that degrade the league, sponsors, broadcasters.

11.2.1    Spotters/Crew Chief Social Media Behavior: Spotters and crew chiefs are considered an extension of their drivers. If spotters violate the Social Media behavior rule, the driver could face points penalties, as well as spotter ejection from the race, and potential spotter removal from the league