Northeast Ohio Charter League Incorporation (NOCL, Inc.)

League By-Laws (Volleyball)


Rules not specifically referred to in the by-laws shall be regulated under the official guidelines of the Northeast Ohio Charter League. The league advisors have the final say about removal of teams, players or coaches due to unsportsmanlike conduct or physical violence.

All league meetings are mandatory. If a representative from your school does not attend the league meetings, your school will not receive the schedule. If it is a mid-season meeting your team will forfeit the following game.

All coaches and volunteers must a pupil activity permit, or they will not be permitted to coach. All requirements can be found at

This is a mandatory requirement No exceptions!

Article I: Eligibility of Players


An eligible student must be a regularly enrolled fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grader of a league participating school.


Schools may choose to combine 5th-8th grades to form teams, therefore students are eligible to participate in a school other than that in which he/she is enrolled, as League participating schools shall deem appropriate, only if their school does not offer that particular sport.


Students who have been retained for more than one school year and are age 15 or greater before September 1st, are ineligible to play in any sport.


The school administration shall have the authority to declare a student ineligible for participation in league activities based on poor citizenship and/or academic eligibility.

Article II: Provisions Governing Contest

2.1 Officials

It is recommended that officials used in league play be registered OHSAA officials. Officials have the power to warn or disqualify from the competition anyone who commits acts which intend to influence their decisions. One official will be assigned to each regular season match. Two or more officials may be assigned for play-offs.

2.2 Rules and Regulations

Rules and recommendations will be developed and formulated by the representatives of the league. A review will be conducted at the end of each school year.


The schools will use the same rules for contests as those used by the Ohio High School Athletic Association and NFHS except for the specific changes indicated in the yearly rules and regulations as published by the league in “By-Laws” or by the agreement of league participants with not more than one dissenting vote.

2.4 Trophies

Trophies and other awards will be purchased and distributed according to league representative decisions regarding tournaments and league play. All participation awards will be the responsibility of the individual participating schools should they choose to do so.

2.5 Admission to Events

Admission to league games will be 5.00 for adults $2.00 for students and all children five and under to be given free admission. League Tournament admission prices will also be $5.00 for adults $2.00 for students and all children five and under to be given free admission.

Article III: Volleyball (Girls 5th-8th)


Volleyball season will begin September 28, 2019.


Each team must have a team binder. In the binder you must have the rooster and eligibility forms. You must also have the schools eligibility requirements, along with coach’s pupil activity permit, physical forms and emergency contact information.  No player shall be allowed to play who does not meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the schools, or who does not have a current physical or waiver. All this information must be at every game and a copy must be given to the league to keep on file. If this information is not handed in before the start of the season the player/s will not be able to play.

Coaches should be prepared to provide one competent individual (15 years or older) to serve as a line judge.


 Each team will be given a five minute grace period. After the five minute has passed that team will forfeit one game and the win will automatically go to the opposing team.  If the team shows ten minutes after the start time they may play. If a team shows up eleven minutes past the start time of the game they will forfeit both games and the opposing team will have the automatic win. However, they will be allowed to play one game, but it will not count. This is so the athletes will have a chance to play.


A team may start a game with only five players. All players names even if they are not present needs to be on the roster line up sheet. No player can be added after the start of the game. If you start with five players and someone shows up late they cannot play until the second set.


Each team will be given 5 minutes of warm-up time. The order will be determined by a coin toss. The team serving first will get the court first. The warm up time goes as follows:

After the warm-up is complete each team gets 1 minute to talk to their teams.  Once that 1 minute is up your team needs to be on the court ready to play.



A. Rally scoring will be used at all levels.

B. Matches shall be the best two of three format.

1. Set 1 and 2 shall score to 25 points with no cap (must win by 2 points).

2. Set 3 (if needed) shall score to 15 points with no cap (must win by 2 points).



A. Only the head coach is permitted to signal for a time out.

B. Each team is limited to two (2) time-outs per set.

C. Time-outs shall not exceed 60 seconds.

D. In case of injury, an official's time out will be held and then a replay.



A. Legal contact is a touch of the ball by any part of the player’s body which does not allow the ball to visibly come to rest or involve prolonged contact with a player’s body.

B. Illegal hits occur when a ball visibly comes to rest or has prolonged contact with a player during contact. The only valid criterion for judging an illegal hit is that of vision by the official. These include, but not limited to, a push, lifts, throw, or carry.



A. A ball striking the ceiling or an overhead obstruction shall remain in play during a volley provided the ball contacts the ceiling or obstruction on the side of the net extended occupied by the team which played last and provided the ball is legally played by the same team.

B. A serve cannot strike the ceiling or any other obstruction at any time.



A. Tennis shoes must be worn.

B. All players must wear knee pads.

C. Chains, earrings, other jewelry, glitter, face paint, bobby pins, clips, or other inappropriate items may not be worn during the match.

D. All athletes are required to wear school issued uniforms.

E. Numbers on the jersey are mandatory. A number shall be printed on the front and back of each jersey.

F. The uniforms shall be matching and of the same color. If visible apparel is worn under the jersey or shorts, it shall be of a solid color and the same for each team member wearing the apparel.

Article V: General

4.1 Sportsmanship


 Parent participation and support of student athletes is supported for all athletic activities.

The league will require that all parents conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times or they may be required to leave the premises for that particular event.

4.2 Sportsmanship/Coaches

Coaches must demonstrate appropriate leadership in the area of sportsmanship.

 A coach ejection will result in the next game suspension from coaching. A coach being ejected from two games will result in dismissal.


If a team forfeits two games for any reason they will be removed from the schedule for the rest of the season.


A. Teams are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that the game officials and NOCL,Inc. administration feel shows respect and dignity towards its opponent.

B. Excessive celebration(s) is considered to be a disqualification (yellow/red) when the set is delayed or a player(s) draws attention to himself/herself. This can include but not limited to, ace cheers, slam cheers, and dances.

C. From the whistle signaling for the serve until contact with the ball is made by the server, there shall be no deliberate outbursts or distraction by any opponent on the floor or in the bench area.

D. Violations for any of the above will be assessed as follows;

1. Warning

2. Yellow card on the head coach

3. Red card on the head coach (ejection of head coach)

4. Forfeit of the match

E. Whenever an official issues a card, the player, coaches, the scorer and the other officials shall be notified of the reason for the caution or disqualification.

F. Red carded coaches and adults must immediately leave the competition area. Red-carded players must remain supervised by a coach or other adult.

G. A coach or player ejected from a match for any reason shall be suspended for the next scheduled match. The ejected person may not associate with the team during the duration of the suspension, this includes practices and scrimmages.

H. Any player, coach or other person who receives two (2) red cards during the course of the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season and may be subject to additional disciplinary action.