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#CycloneGajaRelief Update (Phase1)

Jambavanodai, Muthupet area

This village was in dire state with entire life basis (coconut trees) destroyed.

We provided food materials, basic clothes, mats and lights.

Many of you are aware that a severe cyclonic storm, 'Gaja', crossed near Tamil Nadu on Friday (Nov 15, 2018) and there were huge material damage in the cyclone hit areas. IndiaTEAM friends joined hands with BATM (Bay Area Tamil Manram), SB TS (South Bay Tamil Sangam) and NC TS (Carolina Tamil Sangam) to help the displaced people with their basic needs, and to help them get back to their life.

Many of our volunteers have noticed “psychological” damage to the people in those areas. We have personally heard thoughts of depression and loss of hope to recover. Though our support was primarily the “materials” needed for the immediate relief, our quick actions and material support gave the much needed “HOPE” to many that this (situation) too will pass which is PRICELESS. Thank YOU for helping and being part of this noble relief effort.

The following are the photos from various villages and the nearby areas where our volunteers provided the support.

Kathripulam village near Vedaranyam

Provided basic amenities blanket, water, tarpaulin, and rice.

Rajamadam, near Thanjavur

School students have lost their books during Gaja Cyclone. Provided new books.

Muthupet area

Provided non-perishable food materials for the immediate needs.

Orathanadu, Mannargudi area

Delivered non-perishable food items like rice,Salt,Sugar,Milk powder, Candles, Matchbox, Mosquito coil and chainsaw.

Perumazhai Village near Vedaranyam

One of the worst affected village.

Families needed basic necessities like food, and shelter.

Provided food and tarpaulin.

Peravurani, Vadakadu, sengamangalam area

Provided basic needs tarpaulin and bedsheets for their shelter, candles for lighting and more.

Relief effort Summary:

Total requests received: 15 projects;

Approved: 9 projects; Donation worth: $12,670 USD.

Withdrawn or Not Approved: 6  (Reasons: Lack of supporting evidence, Help no longer needed, funding not available).

Our support have reached 10 villages and 1000+ families received help from us. All of this was done within few weeks after the Cyclone hit. It was possible due to 100s of volunteers and donors who quickly came together on this common mission. Special thanks to all the funding organizations. Funds were provided by the following organizations:

  • IndiaTEAM volunteers has directly generated the special purpose fund to help support the Gaja Relief Effort.

Donors: “Thank You” for donating to these organizations to provide the much needed help at the much needed time.

Volunteers of all the above organizations: “Thank You” for participating directly in execution of the projects and/or indirectly to coordinate the efforts and keeping track of the document/receipts,etc. Roughly 10+ volunteers/project were involved in executing these projects end-to-end with “Zero cost” overhead. You have “DONATED YOUR TIME”. TIME is something you can’t earn back. Yet, you have given it for this mission. Hats off to you!

Helping others knowing they can’t help you back is simply noble”


IndiaTEAM.Org Volunteers



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