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Carl von Baeyer brief bio & publications
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Carl L. von Baeyer, PhD

Brief Bio & Publications

Updated 2024-07-18

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Retired since 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada

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Academic positions

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.
Formerly also: Associate Member in Pediatrics, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

2012 to 2018: Professor of Clinical Health Psychology and Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada (nil salary)


BA 1971 (University of British Columbia). MA 1974, PhD 1978 (University of Waterloo, Ontario).

Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Internship 1974-1975 (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina).


American Pain Society 2017 Jeffrey Lawson Award for Advocacy in Children's Pain Relief (PDF)

Canadian Pain Society 2010 Outstanding Pain Mentorship Award 

Fellow, Canadian Psychological Association

Jillings Award (‘for longstanding and/or outstanding service to the profession of psychology in Saskatchewan’), Saskatchewan Psychological Association, 1988

Research & Professional Roles

Theses and dissertations supervised:  11 PhD dissertations, 11 Masters theses, and 22 BA(Hon) theses, 1978-2011

President (2015-2017), Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood, International Association for the Study of Pain. (Website manager 2004-2019)

Co-chair (2013-2017, with Maureen MacKay, BN), Pediatric Pain Interdisciplinary Interest Group, Children’s Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg

Co-Principal Investigator (2002-2018) and co-founder, Pain in Child Health, a Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. See articles in 2014, 2016, and 2019 describing PICH. The program is now based at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto.

Chair (2015-2018), ChildKind International Resource Library, 

Member of International Association for the Study of Pain (1980 to 2020); Canadian Pain Society (until 2017); American Pain Society (until 2017); Society of Pediatric Psychology (until 2017)

Registered Doctoral Psychologist, Saskatchewan College of Psychologists, Certificate #153 (1979) - Retired from practice 2011

Registrar, Saskatchewan Psychological Association, 1980s

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon:
- Director of Clinical Psychology Training (PhD program), 1997-2004
- Chair, Behavioural Sciences Research Ethics Board, 1992-1996

Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon:
- Founder and Director of Internship (Residency) Training in Clinical Psychology, 1982-1989
- Founder of Pediatric Complex Pain Clinic Pilot Project at Royal University Hospital, 2009
- Member, Pediatric Pain Interprofessional Practice Council, 1997-2011; co-chair 2004-2008

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, NSW, Australia. Pain Research Unit – sabbatical visits 1996-97, 2000-01, 2004, 2008 – contributions with Belinda Goodenough, David Champion, Tiina (Piira) Jaaniste, and others

Editorial responsibilities

Editor, Pediatric Pain Letter, 2005-2013

Associate Editor (~2002-2018): PAIN® 

Member of Editorial Board (2017-2018):  Canadian Journal of Pain


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Courses taught, research and program grants, theses and dissertations supervised, conference presentations, academic administration, clinical service, consultancies, regulatory and societal organization roles, sabbaticals, community volunteer work, family information


Now retired in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Married since 1974, two daughters born 1981 and 1986

Publications  (129)

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    [Previous version in 1st Edition, 2013, sole author von Baeyer CL, see #30 below.]
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