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Account Manager

Our Mission is to help leaders achieve the results they want BY creating a great workplace that engages team members to be their best.  We do this by addressing one of the most common challenges organizations have -- performance management.  

Our software and training helps managers improve the way they coach employees.  The outcome is better business results driven by focus, accountability, and team chemistry.  

We designed the Performance Culture System with four principles:

  1. Performance management should focus on engagement and development rather than compliance.
  2. The system must be simple & easy to use.
  3. Core values and team chemistry must be embraced as part of a performance management program.
  4. The system should provide insightful data and reporting that helps leaders better manage their organization.

There is a huge ROI when employees give their best to an organization.  Employees want to give their best when they believe in the purpose of an organization AND have great managers.  The Performance Culture System is designed to make this happen.

Our Vision is to be the best performance management solution in the marketplace.  As of 6/1/18 we have about 8K users.  We hope to have 40K+ users by the end of 2020.  This will enable us to spread the “good word” and impact many workplaces for the better (both directly and indirectly).

Internally, we will continue to foster an environment that helps our team members be the best they can be.   Team chemistry is very important to us, so no jerks allowed.  Each team member must have an equal balance of humility, hunger and intelligence (The IDEAL team member -- defined by Patrick Lencioni).  

As a high growth HR tech company, we want to achieve extraordinary results.  This will enable us to reward our team members, deliver high returns to our investors and give back to the community.

Our Core Values:

Sales Responsibilities 

The Sales & Support Utility Player will report directly to Melissa Phillippi, Co-Founder, for all sales-related functions.

Customer Support Responsibilities

The Sales & Support Utility Player will report directly to the Amy Barnhill, Customer Success Leader, for all support related functions.

Sales & Support Skills and Qualifications

Excellent communication skills (written, oral, group presentations).

Sales Skills (Solution & Relationship Based) -- Ability to understand a customer’s needs and then explain how our product and services can fulfill those needs.  Ability to build authentic relationships with our customers and prospects.

Marketing experience, especially with regards to social media and blog updates.

Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint).

A “big picture” mindset.  We are a startup company where everyone must be a utility player.   We need team players that are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and done well.

The ability to travel on occasion for trade shows and delivery of training when engaged.

Education:  Bachelor Degree