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USAA Directors to Resign, Disgorge all Emoluments and to Pay Damages
June 3 2018 0317 GMT

Started ~ January 13 2018 2040 GMT

About the author:  Robert J Koenig may be phoned, sms’d, mms’d, or FaceTimed 24x7 at his personal cell phone #:  +  Calls must show a caller ID - please.

Without reiterating what is freely available at Linkedin: 

Koenig is interested mainly to see that the law of the land encourages the syndicate name committee  at USAA to focus on having Laura Ann Mahan Bishop completely disclose her prior relationship with Robert T Herres and to then have Ms Bishop return to each USAA member the exact amount of each reciprocal inter-insured insurance contract deposit that is later ascertained to be excess to actual costs.

Cowes:  exiting Southampton UK on the way to Vigo ES.

The Law of the Land as to Mutual Insurers

Penn Mutual v Lederer

It is of the essence of mutual insurance that the excess in the premium over the actual cost as later ascertained shall be returned to the policy holder.

Mr Justice Louis Brandeis [1]

Any so-called USAA director (actually a syndicate super-name) at the unincorporated insurance syndicate which is operated at 9800 Fredericksburg Road who has any input on the matters discussed herein is strongly encouraged to contact me right away.

I have only one further comment/suggestion - which is totally precatory:  if the syndicate names at unincorporated USAA wish to put this discussion/controversy on a perfectly civilized level:

  • Stop surveilling my family members with thugs and private detectives.
  • Apologize to my mother (actually her estate) and compensate her estate with $10,000,000 for the criminal harassment she suffered at the hands these USAA lawyers   :
  • Anthony D Perri  [2] (a USAA staff atty and also a USAA member)
  • Neil Kanzer [3]  (a USAA staff atty and also a USAA member)
  • John Robert Seybert [4]  (a USAA staff atty and also a USAA member)
  • Deborah Pochtar [5] (a USAA staff atty and also a USAA member)
  • Michael Thomas O’Donnell
  • Robert Gilchrist Newman
  • James O Druker
  • Samuel Hoar
  • Apologize to my three children and compensate each with $10,000,000 for the criminal harassment they suffered at the hands these USAA lawyers [6]  :
  • Repeat thug/attorney list (above)
  • Apologize to me me for sending an unlicensed NYS insurance adjuster [Richard J Froese] to my family’s home to mis-adjust and complete screw up a simple exploded steam damage claim at our NYC cooperative apartment; apologize for USAA staff adjusters Jack Variano’s and Grace Ward’s cover-up of USAA adjuster Richard J Froese’s crime and Ward’s and Variano’s failure to readjust the loss ab initio.
  • Apologize me for instituting a corrupt system of mobbing me and my family.


Now let’s get down to business.

Current USAA Directors to Resign
All Directors Past and Present 
Disgorge all Emoluments
Pay Reparations 

The putative directors of unincorporated USAA [an unincorporated insurance syndicate and a severalty] are actually syndicate super- names and are personally liable for the loss of $ billions of personal property belonging to the syndicate names.

Are these putative USAA Directors protected from personal liability?

No!  These putative directors of USAA wish they are protected from personal liability.  These putative directors of USAA hope they are protected from personal liability.  It will be discovered that most of them believed that USAA was a corporation - or at least something like that.

But there is no Federal or State statute or code that supplies the so-called USAA directors with protection from personal liability.

That is because insurance syndicates are unincorporated and insurance syndicates are severalties: and unincorporated

The only operating shelter from personal liability that the putative directors of the insurance syndicate have when they permit Laura Ann Mahan Bishop to operate an insurance syndicate at 9800 Fredericksburg Road is this article of their own self-dealing and self-serving Bylaws:

From this point on, the USAA directors will be relying on the legal opinion of:

Deneen Lynette Donnley Esq

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and

Corporate Secretary

United Services Automobile Association

9800 Fredericksburg Road

San Antonio TX 78288


+1.210.498.8874 (executive offices)

fax:  +1.210.498.0385 

Texas Bar #:  none

Deneen Lynette Donnley

107 Eaton St    

San Antonio TX 78209


Unhappily, USAA General Deneen Donnley is not even licensed to practice law in Texas.  But she did attend our country’s top undergraduate institution  - the Wharton School of Business.  And we suppose that just like her schoolmate Donald Trump, we should have no doubt that Ms Donnley is actually as intelligent and honorable as they come - certainly more than I: but nothing will become Dennen Donnley’s tenure at USAA so much as her leaving of it (cf Macbeth Act 1, scene 4, 1–8)

The background for my demand that the “USAA Directors” resign:

  1. There is no corporation - hence no real directors

The correct description and function of the super-syndicated names  who are “sham elected” by Hobson’s Choice is:


Their only function is to designate the required [7]  Attorney-in-Fact

Had styled themselves as “governors”:  they might have better understood their duties and obligations.

  1. They are too highly paid to claim the protections afforded honorific and unpaid/low-paid directors of eleemosynaries.
  2. They serve too long to be accorded the privileges and protections of true independent directors.
  3. They have developed too much of a taste for the Potemkin Villages they tour with Emperor Robles (and now Parker).
  4. They have had at all times complete scienter of Davis’ excesses as to my family.
  5. They have rigorously acted to prevent any subscribing member initiative.
  6. They sanctioned Robles’/Parker’s/Bennett’s brutal treatment of Helwig van der Grinten.
  7. They suborned and bribed Herres, Davis, and  Laura Mahan Bishop to improperly turnover the property of the subscribing members.
  8. The activities and ventures that the directors have sanctioned are so ultra vires to the mandatory and statutory guidance of the IRS that each director (current and within the statutes) is personally liable to the subscribing membership (joint, several, total, and bankrupting)
  9. Blah blah blah

This letter addresses the question of how $9.7 billion of subscriber savings belonging to to 2.5 million subscribing members at USAA came to be spent on “$16 billion” of purported “this”:

This letter demands that all the individuals below, past and present, disclose to the members in personal letters the total remunerations received from USAA.  Their disclosure is to also deal specifically with compensation for “duties” other than service on the putative “Board of Directors”.  The disclosure should also include all non-cash benefits.   This disclosure should include all payments either in their name or on their behalf by USAA to eleemosynaries:  e..g. their favorite charities.

This open letter also demands the immediate resignation of all putative members of the purported Board of Directors of the putative financial services holding company that operates at 9800 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio Texas.  Current directors are checked as “current on the below list of directors present and past.

These directors, in return for compensation packages which mostly exceeded the compensation paid real directors of real public corporations, went on to offer outrageous compensation packages to a small group of top-tier fellow subscribing members in what can only be described as pseudo-corporate-governance mutual masturbation

This is especially true when one considers that all these directors ever did was preside over a crime:

Laura Mahan Bishop’s cavalier operation of USAA Reciprocal Attorney-in-Fact, Inc. so as to unlawfully exploit 26 U.S. Code § 832 (f) and Rev. Rul. 74-196, 1974-1 C.B.140 violates 31 U.S. Code § 3729.

This letter also proposes an admission that:

  1. The longevity of these director’s service has fatally compromised their “independence”,
  2. That that USAA directors were chosen for their likely willing docile compliance in these unlawful acts:
  1. Accepting extraordinarily extravagant directors fees as  quid pro quos for awarding extraordinary compensation packages to the executives.
  2. Willful blindness to what was actually going on at 9800 FreDericksburg Road.

The below USAA directors must  disgorge all payments beyond the normal honorarium for such positions.

And they must explain why they are entitled to even an honorarium

circa 1997

Exhibit “A”:  Admission of personal animus

There is very little point in pretending that I have no animus for the persons who so miserably failed to look after my interests at 9800 Fredericksburg Road.  So we might as well lay it out here at the beginning to bring a stop to ad hominem carping as to my motivations.  So very quickly:

While my unincorporated delegates of my powers

Exhibit “_”: 2012:

Exhibit “_“: 2012”: [missing] [I will get this - 23 apr 15]

Exhibit “_” 2014”:

Here we can see why the various DIs are so fuzzy.

Exhibit “_”:

January 13 2018

Laura A Olguin
[Laura A Velenzuela]
Member Investigations
|United Services Automobile Association
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio TX 78288
+ (o-direct) 

Dear Ms Olguin:

I caution you that as a syndicate name and as a beneficiary yourself of various indemnities supplied by the other 2.5 syndicate names .  .  .  

Very truly yours,

Exhibit “_”

January 13 2018 [DRAFT][

Joseph M Belth PhD
Professor Emeritus of Insurance
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University
1275 E 10th Street
Bloomington IN 47405
+1.812.855.8100 (main)
[no phone number on campus]

Dear Professor Belth:

As an expert in insurance industry compensation

Exhibit “_”:  Current USAA Bylaws

<iframe src=""></iframe>   

[1]     Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Lederer, 252 U.S. 523 (1920)

It is of the essence of mutual insurance that the excess in the premium over the actual cost as later ascertained shall be returned to the policy holder.  Mr Justice Louis Brandeis

[2] Anthony D Perri Esq
NYS Attorney Registration #:  1167055
46 Bayville Park Boulevard
Bayville NY 11709

[3] Neil Leslie Kanzer Esq
NYS Attorney Registration # 149735
75 Franklin Street  
Amityville NY 11701

[4] John Robert Seybert Esq
NYS Attorney Registration Number 1753938
353 Seabreeze Court
Moriches NY 11955-1739

[5] Deborah Ann Pochtar Esq
NYS Attorney Registration # 1938166
Imperial House
150 E 69th Street Apt 17C
New York NY 10021

[6] It is well settled that I am happy and have always been happy to sit down with USAA at 9800 Fredericksburg Road and work this problem out.  Unlike Robert G Davis’ wife - I will not go in to the AIF’s office and start throwing punches. Since 1987 when criminals Cooney and Bishop (no relation) and Divich wrote our mortgage holder that we had not paid our deposit for our home insurance policy; I have never received one telephone call from anybody at USAA.  That’s 30 years without an ordinary routine call.  But at last count - USAA has paid about 30 lawyers to mix things up.  The fact that not one of these lawyers seems to be least bit aware of the history of the matter is the origin of my website

[7] The Texas Insurance Code requires an Attorney-in-Fact to be fingerprinted and vetted in order to operate the insurance company; which is a severalty wherein the surplus is supplied by the several deposits of the syndicate names.