Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

November 10, 2012 at 8:40 PM at Dale’s Seafood Restaurant, Whiteville, NC

Members of the 2013 Board present were:  David McLamb, Valerie Georgevitch, Butch Blanchard, Rudy Tatum, Jim Wimbish, and Mike Butts.

  1. Minutes of the Board meeting of the Club on 11-12-11 had been approved.

  1. The election of Club, corporate officers, and support for 2013 resulted in the following:

                Commodore/Chairman of the Board          -        David McLamb

                Vice Commodore/Vice Chairman                  -        James Wimbish                

                Purser/Treasurer                                  -        Valerie Georgevitch

                Yeoman/Secretary                                   -         Butch Blanchard                

                Harbormaster                                   -        Bill Purcell

                Club RC Chairman and scoring                  -        Rudy Tatum

                Facility/Operations Support                  -           Mike Butts

                Guy Staat                                            -        Webmaster

  1. The end-of-season Oyster Roast was scheduled for December 1 at 1:00 PM at the Club.  Members to bring side dishes.  Vivian Hollinshed to provide cooker; Butts to get oysters.

  1. Approved the same fee schedule as last year:  stock share price ($250), initiation fee ($250), 2013 dues ($250), dues late payment ($10/month), membership reinstatement ($100), application of new member dues to payment timing (after July 1 but prior to Indian Summer regatta – half annual dues; after Indian Summer Regatta initial member dues may apply to following year).

  1. New members Harry Kruppenbach and Brad Mitchell were approved.  Redeemed two shares from John J. Nichols: certificates returned.

5.  The next meeting of the Board was scheduled to be at a time and place to be         determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman