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US History II (USH II), Grade 11


Dan McGowan


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856-848-8200 x627

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Course Description

US History II starts at the conclusion of World War II and extends to the current day.  It seeks to offer a balanced history of political, economic, and social events while integrating key historical thinking skills including causation, continuity and change over time, and periodization.  This course often requires students to connect events and issues from the 1950s-1990s to current events in the United States.

Course Expectations and Assessments

USII emphasizes readings, analysis of primary documents, and critical writing while blending independent and cooperative learning experiences.  It is the expectation that students will come to class prepared to participate fully, either as an individual or as part of a cooperative learning group.  

Course Policies 

Students must come prepared for class with a charged Chromebook. Chromebooks will be used on a daily basis. Students are responsible for completing work on time in class, and work that is not completed must be completed for homework. Students are responsible for their own missed work. Work will be posted on Google Classroom or hard copies will be available in designated folders on the wall.

Retakes are available (when study guides/class work is completed) for all written primary grades and for primary objective tests.  Retakes must take place after school or during a student’s study hall.  Students may not miss another teacher’s class to complete a retake.

Required and Recommended Materials 


Additional help is available 1st and 2nd period. Appointments must be made in advance for extra help.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences